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CDA launches Know Your ACEs

Published:Monday | June 20, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Dr Nadine Burke Harris (left) warmly greets Audrey Budhi (right), director of children and family programmes of the CDA while Consular for Public Relations of the US Embassy, Joshua Polacheck (left) and acting CEO of the CDA Newton Douglas look on.

Last Monday, the Child Development Agency (CDA), in collaboration with the United States Embassy, hosted its media launch for the Jamaican-American paediatrician and 'Know your Adverse Childhood Experiences' pioneer, Dr Nadine Burke Harris, at the Courtleigh Hotel in Kingston.

Focusing on the issues surrounding the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) that lead to illnesses in adulthood, the CDA conducted a series of lectures led by Dr Burke Harris. The agency's aim is to fulfil its duty of protecting the nation's children by creating and increasing dialogue around the issue.

"Dr Burke Harris' visit cannot be over-emphasised, as we are hoping that after her visit we will have greater insights on the issues and provide better care to our children," expressed Newton Douglas, CEO of CDA.

Director of Children and Family Programmes, Audrey Budhi, emphasised that the top four causes of death in Jamaica are diabetes, prostate cancer, stroke, and coronary heart disease, all of which are tied to ACEs.




"We are anxious to learn and apply the knowledge we will receive from Dr Burke Harris to protocol so that we can better help our children. Together, we will develop our best practices and not take a one-dimensional approach to treatment," she expressed.

The launch continued with welcomes from Counselor for Public Affairs of the US Embassy Joshua Polacheck, and Director of Child and Adolescent of the Ministry of Health, Dr Judith Leiba.

From June 13-15, the agency held a panel discussion, a main lecture and private sessions with CDA staff and partners in the hopes of adding ACEs to curricula and encouraging industry professionals and parents to create nurturing environment at home for children.