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Winston Henry: The digital guru

Published:Monday | September 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Sometimes we do not know our path and where it will take us from, but sometimes fate and hard work align us with our destiny, and for Winston Henry, this was the case.

Born and raised in Kingston, Henry was the last child of three children and only boy for his parents. His childhood was typical - playing games with children from the neighbourhood. He was jovial and prides himself on his fun personality to date. He attended St Mary's College, which is actually in Above Rocks, St Catherine.

He did what he considered average in high school, graduating with five CXCs, not his proudest attribute but while leaving the high school he had not yet chosen a career, so he went on to work at KNS Caterers, Taylor Hall, at the University of the West Indies. At the end of his contract, he was at a crossroads, not knowing which direction to turn.

Henry then applied to Portmore Community College (PCC) for nursing and information technology. He was not sure as to which profession would be best for him. He was just focused on being successful.

After leaving PCC with an Associate Degree in management information systems (MIS), Henry pursued his bachelor's in the same field at Excelsior Community College. He went on to do his master's at the University of the West Indies in MIS, and also achieved a diploma in cybersecurity at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He had developed a passion and a love for IT. Proving that the race was surely not for the swift but rather those who stuck to it and worked for it.

He worked hard and was later director of information technology at Edna Manley College, but he did something that some of his friends thought he was crazy for - he quit. While Henry never knew what career path he would have chosen, he knew that one day he would own his own business, whatever it was. So he resigned from a stable nine-to-five, which he did like, to venture off into his own business in January 2017, and that was how ScanBox Jamaica was formed.

This is an enterprise content management solutions company that digitises records, do document management and business process automation.




They propose to digitise Jamaica's filing and business processes, which are currently mostly manual. He used the example of applying for a loan at the bank, where one would have to fill out a form and then be filed, moving from one desk to another. If an individual could file for it online, it would allow for smoother and faster processing for both organisation and the customer.

ScanBox has already gained an OnBase partnership for enterprise content management and business process management solutions and services to mid-size and global organisations with Microsoft. Their tools include OnBase, Brainware, AnyDoc, SharePoint Online, Azure, and more, to help clients manage their unstructured content and ancillary and legacy data.

While he has taken up this mantle, the 32-year-old has managed to maintain a healthy personal life. Married for six years to his wife Simone, he has two children, two-year-old son Camron and nine-month-old daughter Morgan. He always believed in balance.

"I have a great support system with family and friends but ultimately they are my responsibility and I have never seen them as a distraction," he told Flair.

One of his favourite things to do with his children is going to the beach. They love the water, and seeing them enjoying it is something fun and practical to him.

All in all, Henry has come a far way and plans to go further, hoping for his company to become the front-runner in Jamaica and Latin America in the next five years.

He implores youths to keep focused, aspire to be great and work on it. He has proven that this works.