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Eat healthy, eat at WrightLife

Published:Thursday | January 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM
WrightLife's green juice made of cucumber and other green vegetables.
WrightLife's garden burger.
The WrightLife Eatery.
A WrightLife lunch consisting of vegetable medley, chimchurri plantain and curried pumpkin seed balls.
Owner of Wrightlife Life Food Eatery, Pat Wright.
A large WrightLife lunch consisting of vegetable medley, chimchurri plantain and curried pumpkin seed balls.
WrightLife's fruit punch.
WrightLife's mango turmeric smoothie.
WrightLife's 'dairy-less' cashew cheesecake.
WrightLife's beet and carrot juice.


The WrightLife Natural Products and Live Food Eatery is just six weeks old, but it is already creating a huge buzz among Montegonians.

Located at the Fairview Centre in Montego Bay, and owned and operated by Pat Wright, the eatery prepares and sells salads and dishes made exclusively from raw and dehydrated foods, seasoned with fresh natural herbs and spices, as well as juices and the much-sought-after 'dairyless' cashew cheesecake.

Wright, a five-time cancer survivor, says that her inability to find places to suit her dietary needs in the Second City was among the catalysts which led to her new venture. The other was the death of six persons whom she knew very well, who all died within one month - four from cancers and two from heart attacks.

"I came up with this idea because I couldn't find anything to eat. When I am in Kingston, I can eat at Mi Hungry, but when I am in Montego Bay, I couldn't find anything to eat- cooked or uncooked, because when it's cooked, I have to be careful of the oils - I don't use vegetable oil, it has to be coconut oil," Wright explained to Food.

"I don't need any sugar in my foods, and you know everything they (food establishments) add sugar to ... . I don't use chemo to fight my cancer, I use food. I don't have to eat raw, but I have to eat correctly, so it was becoming very difficult to eat, and whenever I ate wrong, I felt the effects immediately. So along with trying to stay alive, you have to eat to take all those toxins out of your body, all the metals and all that," she told Food.

WrightLife is fast becoming a favourite for women of varying ages, persons on detoxification diets, as well as young men in the 27 to 35 age range. All dishes are prepared to order and are ready within minutes. The two 'crowd favourites' are the mango turmeric smoothie and the quinoa salad.

Other delicious offerings include vegetable medley, chimichurri plantain, curried pumpkin seed balls, garden burger, as well as juices and smoothies such as beetroot and carrot; green juices and fruit punch. Takeout is served in biodegradable material in harmony with the environment.

"The response has been fantastic. We have people who eat here every day since we have been opened, and people have been getting results. At first, we started with one thing on the menu. Now we are at three things. Because we are organic, we have to fix whatever we get in the morning. Right now, our favourite drink is mango turmeric, but it's not mango season. So if we can't get mangoes, we can't fix the mango turmeric," Wright explained.

"What I am surprised at is that a lot of men have been coming. The young men are the ones who are coming here. The older ones, unless they have prostate problems, forget about it. They come in here and they laugh their heads off; they find it (the idea of raw foods) hilarious," she added.