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Pairing food with Tennis in NYC

Published:Thursday | September 8, 2016 | 12:00 AMDave Rodney
High Street on the Hudson created an impact with crudo, pickled cucumber and avocado yogurt.
Jamaica's Dennis McIntosh from the Moon Palace was a specially invited guest chef and his presentation of escoveitched fish on fried green plantains with a Scotch bonnet vegetable pickle was a royal hit.
Chef David Burke of Fabrick created a stir with his mouthwatering Rosemary Bacon Lollipops.s
Award-winning Jamaican chef Andre Fowles with Miss Lily's in New York wowed the crowds with his jerked briskets embellished with Scotch bonnet mustard and fresh pickles.
Venus Williams is all smiles at Taste of Tennis.

Tennis and fine dining appear to be strange bedfellows. Strange, because tennis players, like athletes from other sports, are always watching their calories. Well, all this changed dramatically last week in New York City (NYC) just before the start of the US Open; when tennis super celebs Venus and Serena Williams brought together chefs from 25 of the most prominent NYC restaurants to show off their handiwork at a star-studded four-hour foodie party at the W Hotel on Manhattan's trendy East Side.

This annual jamboree event is called 'A Taste of Tennis'. With tickets hovering around US$300 each, the event was quickly sold out as hundreds of local and international tennis stars and fans came out in record numbers to sample the astonishing spread of gourmet treats, savour hot new trends in alcoholic beverages, and to meet and greet a cool line-up of celebrities.

Many of the names of the dishes on display were unpronounceable to most, and would have stomped even the most diligent spelling bee champ. Jamaica was in the mix, this year as a lead sponsor through the Jamaica Tourist Board, and two simple Jamaican words, e-s-c-o and j-e-r-k riveted the crowd and won over the hearts and palates of debutants who were in search of culinary adventure.

The only hot beverage served at the event was Xaymaca Blue Mountain Coffee, provided by father-and-son team of David and Damion Levy, while on the alcoholic side, Appleton Rums and Red Stripe represented Jamaica well.

Here are some of the dishes that won the seal of approval from the discerning gastronomic guests.