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CNC makes ready-made meals on the go

Published:Thursday | March 2, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

Want to drop the pounds but don't have the time to create the balanced meals your body needs? Now you can just pick up your healthy meals off the shelves in selected supermarkets, courtesy of Complete Nutrition Care (CNC).

CNC seeks to provide Jamaicans with a wholesome, healthy lifestyle through customised meal packages, diet counselling and suggested exercise regimes to improve the quality of life of their clients.

"Our meals are well balanced, nutritious, hence the tag line Meta-Balance 360, and provide the right caloric intake based on a complete assessment of clients' needs," Janet Rankine told Food.

Rankine started customising meal plans for individual clients in 2014 and has now taken her business to the next level, making pre-packaged meals as well as snacks.




Rankine has a genuine desire to improve the lives and welfare of those around her after seeing an increase in non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. She noted that many have resorted to making unwise food choices due to time constraints.

Rankine conducted a market survey to see exactly what was in demand and found that more individuals sought frozen pre-packaged meals that had a shelf life for up to six months once kept frozen. So while they geared their planning towards three main daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with healthy snacks inbetween, she takes her customers' opinions seriously, thus using their input to help fine-tune her products.

Supermarkets will have frozen meals - complete with protein, staples and vegetables, perfect for lunch or dinner. These dishes are prepared without oil, are low in fat, high in fibre, low in cholesterol, use all-natural seasoning, properly portioned, and do not interact with the glycemic level.

Snacks like mixed nuts will also be available. These are best between meals to prevent the body reacting to 'starvation', thus increasing one's metabolic rate, allowing one to lose weight quickly.

CNC has already been lauded for its good work, having received the New Manufacturer of the Year Award for 2015-2016 from the Jamaica Manufacturers' Association. They also will be providing meals for TVJ's new weight-loss programme 'Losing it'. But with all this growth, what means the most to Rankine is the results of her clients.

CNC is always available for consultation at various locations in Kingston, including Endocrinology Diabetes and Associates, Farico Medical, and Constant Spring Medical; and in Portmore - Greater Portmore Medical Centre, Portmore Medical Service and CNC Diet Centre at 1477 Cumberland Boulevard, Cumberland. They also still do deliveries of meals for free at convenient locations in and around the Corporate Area.

Janet Rankine Henry


General Manager

Complete Nutrition Care

Diet Centre

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