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Chocolate takeover at Couples Tower Isle

Published:Thursday | January 31, 2019 | 8:07 AM
Ocean Theme Chocolate.
Ocean Theme Chocolate.


The 41st anniversary celebration of food, music and fashion at Couples Tower Isle, combining several elements of the thriving tourism industry, was on display in the dining room of the all-inclusive Jamaican resort two Saturdays ago. Pastry team leader Oneil Betty made a delectable delivery on behalf of the food and beverage division.

Couples Tower Isle is always the gastronomic presentation that differentiates them from the rest of the pack in the sector. The anniversary party was no different this year. Again they had guests talking for days about the sweetness that chocolate brings to the soul.

With an Asian theme as their mission, culinary agents, led by Couples corporate pastry chef Linval Green, responded with a Chinese dragon that opted for chocolate spewing from the mouth, instead of fire.

Just as an artist in the studio creates various pieces, these culinary masterminds made myriad desserts, illustrating a chocolate house at the entrance to the dining room. Asian fans on pedestals, mermaids and dolphins in an underwater theme also played host.

“The dragon was very time-consuming, but it was worth the effort,” admitted Green, as he sat admiring the handiwork of his team.

A lot of research was put into the various pieces, and that’s when the experienced chef realised there were several different types of fans. “Chocolate pretty much goes into anything else, it’s just a matter of how you infuse it,” he shared, explaining the conversation pieces that included pies, custards and cheesecakes.

It took him three weeks to do all the showpieces, and in order to complete the feat, Green said he could not have done it without Betty. “He is an artist, and can become better than me if he wants,” said Green with unconditional admiration in his voice.