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OCG refers contractors to DPP and police

Published:Thursday | February 2, 2017 | 12:00 AMEdmond Campbell
Dirk Harrison

Two principals of Seal Investments Company Limited, a construction firm with offices in Montego Bay, are in hot water with the Office of the Contractor General (OCG) as the oversight body has referred senior members of the company to both the director of public prosecutions (DPP) and the commissioner of police.

Contractor General Dirk Harrison wants DPP Paula Llewellyn to determine whether Robert Thomas and Chesnot Brownie, directors of the company, wilfully made a false statement to him (Harrison) in relation to the employment status of Orville Kerr.

Harrison has accused Thomas and Brownie of submitting erroneous information on behalf of Seal Investments Company Limited for its 2015 National Contracts Commission (NCC) application for re-registration.

The OCG boss said that the directors have breached Section 29 of the Contractor General Act. This provision states that every person who wilfully makes any false statement to mislead, or misleads, or attempts to mislead a contractor general or any other person in the execution of his functions under the law shall be guilty of an offence.




In relation to the referral of Thomas and Brownie to the police commissioner, the contractor general wants the senior cop to "further investigate and determine" whether Seal Investments Company Limited misrepresented information to the NCC when it applied for re-registration in 2015.

The contractor general has also referred Brownie to the commissioner of police for further investigation on the basis that the affidavit under the Voluntary Declaration Act was signed by him. According to Harrison, the affidavit attested to the veracity and correctness of the information provided in relation to the 2015 application for re-registration with the NCC.

The OCG's probe surrounded allegations of irregularities involved in the July 29, 2015, application for re-registration submitted by Seal Investments Company Limited to the NCC.

Additionally, the OCG's investigation sought to determine whether Seal Investments Company Limited fraudulently represented and or misrepresented information on its July 29, 2015, application for re-registration with the NCC.

Calls to Seal Investments Company Limited to speak with both Brownie and Thomas were unsuccessful as they were said to be out of office.


Excerpts from the OCG's special report of investigation concerning issues of alleged impropriety and irregularity in the July 29, 2015, NCC's contractor application submitted by Seal Investments Company Limited.


- In its July 29, 2015, application for re-registration, Seal Investments Co Ltd listed Mr Farrel Drummond and Mr Orville Kerr as members of its supervisory staff.

- The pre-assessment process undertaken by the NCC for the registration and/or re-registration of contractors involves a review of the application and the supporting documents as well as verification of telephone calls to individuals listed as members of staff.

- During the pre-assessment stage of the July 29, 2015, application for re-registration by Seal Investments Co Ltd, Mr Farrel Drummond advised the NCC that he was not an employee of Seal Investments Co Ltd.

- Mr Robert Thomas, director, Seal Investments Co Ltd, misled the NCC when he asserted that Mr Orville Kerr and Mr Farrel Drummond were aware that they were listed as members of the company's supervisory staff in the referenced 2015 application for re-registration. Messrs Drummond and Kerr have both advised the OCG on more than one occasion that they were not aware that their names were being submitted to the NCC in this manner, albeit being employed to Seal Investments Co Ltd.

- The OCG concludes that the submission of the resumes of two employees of Seal Investments Co Ltd, namely Messrs Farrel Drummond and Mr Orville Kerr, were submitted to the NCC without their knowledge.