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Letter of the Day: Turn in paedophile family rams

Published:Tuesday | March 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Recently, the Police High Command appealed to the relatives of individuals who might be involved in crime, and warned that shielding and providing safe havens for them could put their lives at risk, too.

St Thomas is beautiful, largely poor, sleepy, quaint and forgotten. My heart bleeds for my parish and the upsurge in crime and aggravated violence. We now have cruelty of the highest order and deeds that are only rivalled by Beelzebub himself.

Inasmuch as they are conniving, it is time for us to start planning and calculating for all paedophile family rams, too. These are men who are so cunning, they will size up a baby girl and marry her mother. They are men whose granddaughters are also their daughters, and who will job-hunt and choose a residence for easy access to children. They are teachers, pastors, uncles, cousins, and, yes, fathers!

Family-ram behaviour is deeply ingrained in some rural districts, and many mothers berate their daughters for speaking up, even when they train them to say no to inappropriate touching. I am not underestimating the difficulty in changing old diehard customs; many dirty old men believe, in their warped minds, that they are entitled to their daughters. When families are not talking, I just hope that the villagers will squeal.

And while we are cleaning up, let's include the stay-at-home mother facilitators who sell their daughters' virginity instead of going out every morning to work. Life is hard and things are tough, but guilty mothers slowly kill their own daughters, leaving them with low self-esteem, shame and a life of underachievement.


loveless hustler


These she-devil mothers tarnish the very souls of their daughters every time they put them out to pasture because said mother is too much of a lazy, blood-money-loving, heartless and loveless hustler. No woman who loves her child will pimp her out.

While we all must support the work of our police, we need the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse to treat at-risk children with urgency, compassion, care and dignity. Don't delay apprehensions. Don't scare off families with your rusty log book while explaining your workload of cases pending from 2012; and don't discourage them by relating the difficulty of a court ordeal. Instead, children should be prepared; that is your job and that of the prosecutor. Many young girls are denied justice through scare tactics!

Let's all band together and get rid of the scourge of child abuse. Abusers should be afraid. They should be very afraid.


Barbican Road, St Andrew