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Seething at SportsMax's capture of NBA coverage

Published:Wednesday | April 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Although the matter was featured as letter of the day in your publication dated April 20, 2015, I have to add my displeasure regarding Digicel SportsMax and my cable provider, Flow Jamaica Limited, regarding NBA play-off coverage.

Since Digicel SportsMax has exclusive rights to NBA coverage, I am assuming that it would broadcast all the matches. On Monday night, April 20, there were two matches. On the completion of the first, I was preparing myself to watch the other. To my surprise, they rebroadcast Barclays Premier League football matches that were played on Saturday and Sunday of the previous week.

I then switched to TNT, the station that would normally broadcast the match. There was a caption advising us that Flow was unable to broadcast the match because of the Digicel SportsMax-exclusive licence.

If Flow were unable to broadcast both matches, at least it should allow us to watch the match on whatever station is providing the broadcast. I am not privy to the terms and conditions of their licence, but I can't see them negotiating a licence for a partial broadcast for an event.

Having paid for a service that I can't access for any reason of my own, I feel like persons who bought their tickets to attend the recently completed Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships and were unable to enter the National Stadium.

The Broadcasting Com-mission needs to step in.


Braeton, St Catherine