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Letter of the day: Haughton must quit now; probe parish councils

Published:Wednesday | April 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM


As a citizen of Jamaica, I demand that the councillor of the Green Island division and former mayor of Lucea, Ms Shernet Haughton, immediately tender her resignation as councillor based on the contractor general's report.

According to his officially published report tabled in the House of Representatives, the Office of the Contractor General (OCG) said that its investigations into claims of corrupt practice by Haughton showed that she awarded at least $3.7 million worth of contracts to family members and close friends out of a budget of some $29.6 million during her two years as mayor and chairman of the Hanover Parish Council. The OCG accused her of rampant nepotism in the awarding of public contracts.

I am disturbed at the fact that since March 25, 2015 and since the publication of that OCG report, she has not had the decency of tendering her resignation as a councillor at the Hanover Parish Council.

The current mayor of Lucea has not had the courage and tenacity of purpose to demand that she resign from her position as councillor and, even further, neither the local government minister nor the prime minister has asked her to resign. Is the prime minister running an honest and transparent and accountable government?

In any self-respecting country, she would have had to resign immediately after the publication of that OCG report. It is a disgrace that she is still in that position as councillor. The local government minister should immediately instruct her to resign in the interest of the country and based on that OCG report.

All the other parish councils should be formally investigated by the OCG.


White Sands Beach PO

Montego Bay