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Letter of the Day: Open to scrutiny leaders finances

Published:Tuesday | December 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The Gleaner letter titled 'Why shouldn't we all have dream houses?', written by Kimberly Rowe, is typical of the ignorance that stalks the country. Unfortunately, it seems that a large portion of our society is incapable of reading and understanding the English language or pretend to be ignorant for political reasons.

No reasonable person can begrudge anyone, including politicians, who acquire a mansion as a result of hard work and a frugal life. Acquiring a mansion is not the source of the noise.

Jamaica is awash in corruption in the public and private sectors and in high places. The taxpayers have the right to ensure that our taxes, or corporate or other money intended to influence public policy, are not being channelled to politicians for their personal use. That is why they are required to report their assets for public scrutiny.

The taxpayers should not be asked to rely on the word of the prime minister, the leader of the Opposition, or any member of parliament. Where is it written that our politicians are washed in the blood of Jesus and thus incapable of sin? Have we already forgotten Trafigura, the Dudus scandal, the light bulb scandal, Outameni, and the looting of the NHT?


Kingston 8