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FLOW-LIME giving me a headache!

Published:Tuesday | January 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I am having a somewhat similar problem to Carolyn Cooper's ('FLOW + LIME = minus zero, Sunday Gleaner, January 17, 2016) with LIME-FLOW. It appears that we have a national problem on our hands. Here's my experience with LIME-FLOW recently:

I recently closed my FLOW account from St Catherine and moved to the Drax Hall Country Club, St Ann, in October 2015.

In October, I went to the Ocho Rios FLOW office and applied for transfer of service, to include my previous LIME telephone number and cable service. I was told by the customer-service agent that my address was not in FLOW's database.


On closer examination of the housing scheme, I realised that every street had cable lines except my street (Street #5). I reported the matter to KEMTEK (the housing developers), which informed me that FLOW should have completed the cabling of all streets, since August 2015, and that it would promptly follow up to rectify the problem. After weekly follow-up telephone calls to the KEMTEK management, cable was finally completed on my street on December 8, 2015.

Now, I thought, we were making progress, but that was the beginning of horrors. I visited the Ocho Rios FLOW office in the second and third week of December 2015 to apply for service, only to be told that they are not seeing my street on the system.

I made contact with a FLOW manager who promised to follow up on the matter for me. I have been checking with her weekly, only to be told that the data have not yet been uploaded into the system. On my last check with my contact and the Ocho Rios office on Friday, January 15, 2016, the data have not yet been uploaded into the system, and no one on Street #5 (Phase 6) can make an application for service.

Is this the kind of service we must expect and accept from FLOW?


Drax Hall Country Club

St Ann