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Letter of the day: Andre Hylton is shamelessly disobedient

Published:Wednesday | January 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Months after being instructed to remove paraphernalia from public space, Member of Parliament for Eastern St Andrew Andre Hylton still has them mounted on utility poles in the community of Stand Pipe


On a recent visit to the community of Mona Heights to visit my daughter who attends university close by, I had to pass the community of Stand Pipe. To my surprise, months after being instructed to remove paraphernalia from public space, orange flags are still mounted on utility poles at the entrance of the community. Can the Member of Parliament for Eastern St Andrew Andre Hylton be so arrogant and conceited that is he so openly defiant?

Most disturbing is the fact that an orange shirt with Hylton's image was used to cover what I assume to be a stop sign located at the entrance of the one of the streets. This, to me, is a new low in our politics and somebody needs to tell Mr Hylton that such behaviour is unacceptable.

I find it unacceptable that months have gone by and Mr Hylton would still have party flags mounted on the utility poles.

Obviously, he has no regard whatsoever for the political ombudsman or for the people he was elected to serve. If he did, he wouldn't have shamelessly disobeyed the order made by the political ombudsman.

I am not certain about the level of representation that Mr Hylton has given to the constituency, however, I wouldn't be surprised if he was one of them who just sit and warm Gordon House's seat. The mere fact that he has allowed this to happen without no action whatsoever gives a true reflection of his character and his work ethic.

There is absolutely no excuse as to why Mr Hylton's paraphernalia are still up on the utilities poles, because they are in plain sight. The unappealing scene is on the main thoroughfare going into the constituency.

Mrs Donna Parchment-Brown, the political ombudsman, should seek to sanction Mr Hylton. She should no longer put up with him and those who seek to run afoul of the law and good principles.

If Mr Hylton really wants to lead and lead with some moral authority, then he should do what is right and remove those orange flags from the utility poles. If that is too difficult for him to do, then my suggestion for him is to leave public service and allow somebody who is more sincere about what they are doing to take up the job.