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Church too hasty in Harvey sanction

Published:Wednesday | February 17, 2016 | 12:01 AM


So Adventist Pastor Dr Michael Harvey has been sanctioned by his church leadership. We should be asking ourselves: Shouldn't the Church be involved in politics and policymaking in nation building? Did he really overstep his boundaries? Isn't he a self-declared Comrade?

If we, as a nation, consider ourselves standard-bearers for the promotion of a democratic society and the right to freedom of speech, the Church has a responsibility to not be hasty to deny, judge or sanction a man who seemingly has been touched by endorsing the PNP.

Dr Harvey, justly so, could not turn a blind eye to the steady progress and achievements under Sista P's leadership. I blame the PNP administration, however, for its laid-back attitude in not systematically informing the people of the progress it has made.


St Elizabeth