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Digicel Play a romp rough!

Published:Saturday | March 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM

After much resistance, I eventually yielded to the entreaties to switch to the Digicel's Triple Play promotion, which promises a win-win combination of Internet, cable and telephone service - a decision I came to regret less than three hours after the installation two Saturdays ago.

Having been promised that the technicians would stop by sometime between midday and 4 o'clock, and that this would be preceded by a phone call, the call never came and I was in the process of leaving my house when the technicians eventually saw it fit to turn up.

Later, when I anxiously tried to check out the new and improved cable service offered in the Play Loud category, which offered 130 channels, I realised the ruse being perpetuated under the guise of the Digicel Triple Play promotion.

I had opted for this category, up from the basic option with 118 channels for $4,500. I chose instead to pay $5,300 per month, resisting the urge to go for the 177 channels offered in the Play Bold/Play Now category for an extra $2,320 per month. After all, 130 channels is a whole lot to choose from.

That is far from the truth, I soon discovered, since only 55 'real' cable channels are actually on offer as the 50 listed under Galaxy Music are merely different genres of music. Add to that (or subtract) the 18 channels that are local radio stations: how they qualified as cable channels, I'm yet to understand. Then there are the other six channels - 1, 2, 15,16, 20 and 24, which are listed as 'Coming Soon', and so are not available as yet, even though they are numbered in the 130 for which customers are charged.

And then there is channel 12, which is listed as CMV Plus, but looks nothing like the local station - the programming fluctuating between some foreign language offerings on a programme listed as Alhurra and some live music in English. On Channel 13, which is listed as PBCJ, the picture is frozen, meaning that customers are getting nothing for this channel.

Also numbered in the 12 channels for which an extra $800 is charged to upgrade to Play Loud is Inspiration TV on channel 563, which is already included in the basic package, which means that I am being charged twice for that channel. Included in the add-on component of this package is Unvision-Channel 601 and DIY on Channel 537 which offer very little of interest to me.

Where the hell is the wide choice of movie, news and other interesting channels for which I am still searching? And what exactly are we paying for?

Just a few hours after plugging into its challenge to 'Experience Extraordinary', I am trying to figure out whether it's to the Office of Utilities Regulation or the Consumer Affairs Commission that I should report my discontent because it is very clear that Digicel Triple Play a romp rough, and I'm the one getting hurt!