Wed | Sep 26, 2018

Jamaica needs a Donald Trump!

Published:Saturday | September 24, 2016 | 12:11 AM


Aren't you just tired of all our government leaders making all these promises that they will 'make Jamaica great again', but has never made good on it?

I have lived long enough to see more than seven elections, and Lord knows I have had it with all the promises of a paradisiac condition, a crime-free country, great health-care facilities, excellent schools with affordable, if not free, education. Equality for all. No corruption. Transparency in government and state businesses.

When will I see any radical changes?

Since Jamaica always emulates other First World countries, like the United States, now is the time for a prime minister to be like Donald Trump. I need someone who is business-oriented. I need to see someone walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

I am not in agreement with everything Trump promises, but his fearlessness and confidence make me feel that something new is about to happen. I need something fresh. I need someone who will build a wall.

Are you ready, Jamaica, for a Trump?


Tourism Major @ UWI.