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Letter of the Day | Falconer disgraceful in politicising PM's cap

Published:Tuesday | October 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Heather Robinson is right! She is right that some people with whom Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller has surrounded herself with need to go look work elsewhere. The main person who needs to go is Sandrea Falconer, because she adds no value whatsoever to the image, likability or credibility of Simpson Miller.

On Saturday night when most of the country was anxiously awaiting word from about the status of Hurricane Matthew, Falconer found time to question the outfit of Prime Minister Andrew Holness while he was on tour in sections of the country.

Now, as a former information minister, should Falconer not ensure that what she is questioning and suggesting has true factual basis? It seems not. Well, the green hat that Falconer had a problem with turned out to be one that had 'Jamaica' written on it, complemented by an embroidery of the country's flag.

If that was not bad enough, Falconer had the nerve to question whether Holness was playing a PR game, whether he went as prime minister or Jamaica Labour Party leader and whether he went to only constituencies represented by the JLP. Can Jamaica afford someone so petty, someone so devoid of reasoning and appropriateness to be the chief of staff to the opposition leader? Can we?

The vulgar attempt by Falconer to divide the people of the country at a time when unity is required must not go unnoticed. In fact, we should repudiate it and send a signal to her and anyone else who dare try to do.

Falconer was heard and seen on television stressing she did not want any foolishness to go out to the public, but somehow, whenever she opens her mouth or moves her fingers, that is exactly what happens.




I am totally at a loss as to why Simpson Miller cannot yet see why Falconer is no good for her or the party that she heads.

One must never be afraid to criticise governments and administrations as it helps them to grow and understand, however, in an instance such as this, where the Government has done reasonably well to prepare the country for the impact of Matthew, no one should seek to politicise the issue. It is just not worth it. But, again, this is Falconer, so I guess we should not have been surprised.

So is Falconer going to be asking why the prime minister is only landing on green grass? To say no so quickly would be my last bet, but one never sees smoke without fire, because the green was once left out of the backdrop for a representation of the national flag at a ceremony in Montego Bay sometime ago.