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Praise informers for national service

Published:Tuesday | November 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The 'informa fi dead' culture must be put to rest once and for all.

Informers should not die because they always bring closure to heinous crimes that otherwise would not be resolved. Informers are brave men and women within the society who have long declared war on injustice.

These people are trying to make our society safe from the small percentage of criminals in our midst. These societal stalwarts have secured the services of the police to stem crime and violence, sometimes before they happen.

Many of these brave men have lost their lives in the process of informing to the police what they knew about many felonies and misdemeanours.

The nexus between crime and violence, and the informer is very crucial for the survival of the fittest of the fittest among us. When someone tells all they knew about a criminal case in the courts, they are looked at and tried much quicker, and persons are sentenced much faster.

Informers should be placed on a pedestal and celebrated constantly by the relevant authorities in an area insulated from criminal interference. These people should be declared as treasure among us and given monies and other incentives for their works.

Legislation should be passed to protect these informers under an updated anti-gang legislation.


Greater Portmore,

St Catherine