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Starscope, horoscope, telescope

Published:Monday | January 28, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Why, in this modern age, do we have a daily radio programme like ‘Starscope’, “a prediction of your day under the stars” and the occasional newspaper ­horoscope, also based on the imaginary shapes of the celestial bodies?

Which person who is educated beyond primary school does not know that the so-called signs of the zodiac, and hence, one’s birth sign/star, has been rubbished by the invention of the telescope?

Think a bit about the presumption behind, or the foundational implication of, horoscopes/starscope. All persons under the same sign would be having an identical or at least similar kind of day, nationwide or even globally. Like seriously?

I recall reading about an American graduate student in France who paid for his studies by writing horoscopes for a newspaper. He admitted that he simply juggled around the comments under the various signs when he could not be bothered to come up with different daily new readings for each sign.

Christians, especially who may be hooked on Starscope and horoscopes, must decide who governs their day and lives – the impersonal celestial stars or the infinite, personal God whom they claim they serve.

Non-Christians who are so hooked must face the fact that the telescope has demolished the basis of Starscope and horoscope!

Rev Clinton Chisholm

Academic Dean

Caribbean Graduate School of Theology