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Construction industry council left out of Building Act consultations

Published:Tuesday | February 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Dean Burrowes

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) has expressed disappointment with what it says is a lack of inclusion of its representatives in the consultation process which informed the Building Act.

The act was recently tabled in the Houses of Parliament.

Incoming president of the CIC, Dean Burrowes, has lamented the fact that his organisation, which represents industry member groups, was not invited to comment on a bill for which they advocated.

"Not many professional bodies were asked to represent before Parliament on the Building Act ... . The CIC, as a body, was never asked," he said.

He argued that the CIC should have a say in the rules and provisions that will govern its members.


According to Burrowes, the Building Act does not represent some professionals within the industry and does not adequately provide for the effective regulation of these professionals.

The CIC says it will be increasing lobby efforts to have its views represented in respect of the bill.

"We must have a say in the Building Act because it will have implications for us, and we are the professionals involved in the industry, so our views should matter. The CIC speaks as a united voice for the industry and so we should be included," Burrowes said.

Sector interests have called for the passage of the Building Act to be fast-tracked in order to ensure the resilience of buildings to natural disasters.

The passage of the bill into law will also bring the National Building Code, developed in 2014, into force.