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From ganja to Christ...The Pepita Little story

Published:Saturday | March 19, 2016 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston
Pepita Little speaks of her challenges and her Christian journey.

Pepita Little has been known to many television viewers as the bubbly personality who hosted Intense and at one point Digicel's Chill Room during the Rising Star competition.

However, she had some real 'intense' emotions going on in her personal life.

In 2014, after leaving Intense, she got a call from a friend offering her a job at Sun City Radio.

"I was always telling him how I was stressed out and that I didn't know what to do with my life," she told Family and Religion.

After working there, her friend kept inviting her to his church, but although she promised to attend, she never made good on them.

At the time, she did not know one of her cousins attended that same church, so when her friend told her she could visit with her cousin, she took up the offer on April 27, 2014.

I couldn't stop crying in church, even before the pastor's daughter invited me to the altar, I was just bawling," she said.

Little had a surreal experience at the altar as she was filled with the Holy Spirit that Sunday.

'I didn't even know what was happening to me. All I know is that I left church feeling like a different person," she said.

Her jubilation was short-lived as she was struggling with an addiction that she could not open up to the church about.

"I have been smoking ganja for a long time. I smoked about five spliffs a day and I could not give it up," she said.

According to Little, she felt guilty about the habit and prayed a lot to stop, but just could not find the strength. As a result, she shied away from testifying or doing anything in church.

Until finally, one day, she opened up to her youth leader and new-convert teacher about her problem. They immediately prayed for her.

"But I went home and still smoked. I prayed, prayed, but still couldn't quit until one day I started to throw up what looked like 'black blood'," she related.

Little was rushed to the hospital, but she never threw up again. The doctor warned her to stop smoking or she could get cancer and die, she also told her about the many negatives of smoking and referred her to the detox unit at University Hospital of the West Indies.

"I didn't go because I had the realisation then and there that I had the only 'detox unit' I needed - Jesus Christ. I made up in my mind that I would never smoke again because my life has a purpose for God.

Smoking was not the only hurdle she had to overcome. Her biggest loss came after losing her father, Neville to suicide.

"I blamed myself at the time, as he said he was going to hang himself with a rope, but he was the strongest person I knew. I didn't take him seriously," she reflects. The cruel reality of how serious he was stared her in the face when, after getting up one morning in November 2014 and not seeing him in his bed, she started the search for him. With the help of her neighbour, they started scouting his hang outs when they came to a spot close to where they lived, she looked up in the tree and there saw his lifeless body.

"I started screaming, I felt weak, I nearly fainted. I couldn't believe he did that awful thing," she said. Among the emotions she experienced was one of defeat. She also started playing the blame game where she thought she could have prevented it.

Her church family from The Potter's House United Pentecostal on Windward Road surrounded her with prayers.

Now a student at the University of the West Indies pursuing Marketing and Media and Communication, the former Holy Childhood High student says somewhere in the future, she sees herself attending bible college.

Her words of wisdom to those who are facing trying circumstances and thinking of giving up is, "God is still there to answer the call. Always remember that someone out there somewhere is always praying for you."