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Dimitris Kosvogiannis freed by Corporate Area court

Published:Friday | September 13, 2019 | 4:55 PM
Dimitri Kosvogiannis - File photo

Former hotel manager and businessman Dimitris Kosvogiannis was today freed in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court of a charge of breaching the Revenue Administration Act. 

He was accused of neglecting to furnish information connected to applications for Taxpayer Registration Numbers (TRN).

The police had reported that Kosvogiannis’ arrest in July 2018 emanated from an intense investigation into several fraudulent activities involving two major banking institutions.

He was accused of acquiring several credit facilities from the institutions using different TRNs and names.

One of his lawyers Christopher Townsend had argued that the former hotel manager, who holds Greek and American citizenships, first received a TRN in the surname Cosvogiannis and received another TRN in the name Kosvogiannis.

He had explained then that his American passport has the name Cosvogiannis, while his Greek passport has the surname Kosvogiannis.

He noted that there is no “C” in the Greek alphabet.

Townsend argued that the entire affair is a misunderstanding and that there was no attempt by his client to deceive the authorities.

In court today, his attorney submitted that the prosecution has no evidence to support the charge.

The court agreed and freed Kosvogiannis.

In February, Kosvogiannis was freed of allegations that he obtained credit by false pretense after the prosecution offered no further evidence against him.

"I have from day one denied wrongdoing and been clear that these charges were due to a malicious and devious attempt to sully my name,” Kosvogiannis said in a statement this afternoon.  

“I am grateful to the court and my attorneys for recognising the charges for what they are. I hope no other individual in Jamaica or anywhere in the world, as a matter of fact, is visited by the injustice which was initially meted out to me. I am grateful that justice eventually has prevailed," he added.

He said that he’s contemplating pursuing a civil case against the state.

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