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Growth & Jobs | Budding entrepreneurs top JN Resolution Project photography competition

Published:Tuesday | October 6, 2020 | 6:21 AM
Entreprenuer Tevin Ashman.
Entreprenuer Tevin Ashman.
Budding entrepreneur Joshua Gordon.
Budding entrepreneur Joshua Gordon.

Budding entrepreneurs Tevin Ashman and Joshua Gordon are elated to have placed in the top three of the JN Resolution Project COVID-19 Jamaica Photography Competition.

Ashman’s’Acts of Kindness’ piece topped a field of 600 entries. Gordon placed third with his piece, ‘The Hustle’. Marina Burnell, a professional photographer, was second with her piece, ‘Changing traditions: The New Norm’.

Ashman, who grew up in Maverley, is hoping to use his prize money of $100,000 to invest in his photography business, which he hopes to expand during the next five years.

“I was very happy when I found out that I won as this exposure can really assist me in the development of my business,” he related, noting that he started the business this year.

He is hoping to use the funds to assist in purchasing a laptop for editing and additional lenses. He would like to one day open a studio where he can provide employment for other photographers like himself.

The services he offers include single shoots for special occasions such as birthdays. He covers events, including parties, anniversaries, weddings, funerals, and corporate events.

Speaking about his entry, which depicts two children sharing a meal, Ashman said that when he saw the children’s kindness to each other, it struck a chord in him.

“When I saw them sharing a meal, I said to myself, ‘This would be a good picture to take, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic when so many persons are being negatively impacted, but yet the human kindness was still there with these children,” he said.


His encouragement to other photographers is to pursue their passion, ask for assistance, especially from seasoned photographers, and invest in themselves.

“You have to believe in what you are doing, be confident,and just keep at it,” he said.

Joshua Gordon’s entry captured his tailor sewing masks.

“Initially, when I learnt about this competition, I was trying to think outside of the box. I decided to feature my tailor, who is playing a major role in the ‘new norm’ in today’s society brought on by COVID-19,” he shared.

“The image stood out for me as it depicted him in his element, making something that will be of major help in the society.”

Copping third place was not a surprise for Gordon, a second year student at the University of Technology, as he believed that he had put in a lot of work ,and he was confident it would pay off.

The 20-year-old, upon completion of his studies, wants to establish a media company that offers photographic services.

“I do have a photographic business, which I established three to four years ago. We do events, weddings, funerals, and corporate events,” he said, noting that he wants to invest his prize money of $50,000 in the business.

Marina Burnell is a professional photographer who has been capturing images of Jamaica under COVID-19. Her winning piece captured the Coronation Market scene.

“The Coronation Market is an outstanding landmark in Jamaica, and if you are going to show how COVID-19 is affecting Jamaicans, this is a good scene as a lot of people go there. It represents the Jamaican life in its authentic form,” she said.

Onyka Barrett Scott, general manager of the JN Foundation, said the competition achieved its objectives, which were to serve as a conduit for the expression of artistic talents and to contribute to the preservation of collective memory of history.

“The submissions were outstanding, and the JN Foundation is proud to have been able to facilitate this artistic expression of this moment in our history,” Barrett Scoot noted. The competition was launched in June and provided an opportunity for the use of photography to share and reflect on the Jamaican experience with the coronavirus pandemic.