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Stone,Crystals and Pearls

Published:Sunday | February 28, 2016 | 12:00 AMCathy Risden
This Lucite and polished-metal necklace is a perfect complement for a low cut dress to keep your date's eyes fixed on you.
Add this beautiful Swarovski floating necklace made from sterling silver, Swarovski pearl and crystals to spark that simple black, white, or peach outfit. Made by Michelle.
Accessorise that simple black top with this red agate and sterling silver necklace with matching earring and bracelet made by Michelle.
Let the party begin with this faux turquoise and coral necklace.
Whatever the occasion, this acrylic bead and metal piece will definitely keep heads turning.
Designer Michelle Henry rocks this Heather Laine tight-fitting leopard-print dress with one of her statement pieces Horne and Bone.
Try this Austrian crystal, mother-of-pearl inlay leather for corporate costume party and you are sure to be the centre of attention.
Boost your confidence with this gold acrylic bead necklace.
Opt for this unique Jasper statement piece made by Michelle with matching earrings for a special cocktail party.

Rose quartz, amethyst, pearls, amber, turquoise stone, onyx, aquamarine, labourite, and Swarovski crystals are just a few of the materials used to create bold, classy, elegant, and unique statement pieces designed by Michelle Henry.

Owner and designer of Designs by Michelle, Michelle Henry told Outlook that her passion to design unique statement pieces started 20-plus years ago.

She improved her skills by taking private classes in jewellery-making, before opening a jewellery store in Toronto, Canada.

Henry's personal tragedy of losing one of her sons made her realise that she wanted to spend the rest of her life doing something she enjoys - making jewellery. "I did not want to spend another day working just for the money. I wanted to do something I like and enjoy. And that was jewellery," Henry told Outlook.

Tired of the corporate life, Henry relocated from downtown Toronto and started to devote her time and energy to her passion. "Every morning, I would look forward to the day ahead," Henry said.

Her creativity is inspired by nature and her love for fashion, but, most of all, the needs of her diverse clientele. "I am quite at ease flexing between different styles," Henry said.

Outlook met up with Henry while she was on a visit to Jamaica. "I want to bring unique jewellery to Jamaica. Something different and so unique that would allow clients to stand out looking bold yet classy and elegant," Henry shared.

The designer and supplier said her long-term goal of returning full time to her place of birth is inevitable. "I have six sons, and my youngest will be 10 years old. I felt it was time to start preparing for my future. By the time he leaves to go to school (at age 18), I should have my business well situated in Jamaica with a good clientele," Henry said.

Henry lives by the mantra, 'If you never take a chance, you never had one' hence her venture into Jamaica.

She advised that if you never pursue your dreams, you will never know what could have been. To wonder every day what could have been is life filled with regret.


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