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Look and Feel Good With Sensi Sensitive Skin Line

Published:Sunday | March 25, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley

It's owned by Kimone Knight, a creative and innovative cosmetic chemist who gets her works tested and approved by several medical doctors. It's based in Portmore and set sail in November 2017. Knight's interest in cosmetics began to brew when she started her first job at Versachem International Limited, where she was introduced to cosmetic making process. There she studied under one of Jamaica's finest chemist, Lorraine Robinson who according to knight taught her all she now knows. This new interest turned into a passion and coupled with a harsh reality, it pushed to her feet to starting her own business. "Initially this was not what I wanted to do. I wanted to be like Motionz in the haircare industry. But when two of my close friends were diagnosed with cancer and they started to depend on me to give them medical advice to take care of their skin I had to do it," Knight reminisced with a smile on her face.

Benefits of the Products

Each product is suited for all types of skin. The company produces unique cosmetics that diligently work to enhance the skin's appearance and to replenish the hair. It's number one seller is the Regrow serum. This serum works wonders to restore damaged hair, moisturising the scalp, protecting the hair from harmful shedding and getting stronger and thicker hair. "It's an all purpose serum. It's good for dry scalp and hair loss caused by braiding. But more so it's excellent for people you are undergoing chemotherapy. These persons want something to mitigate the hair loss and the serum contains all the properties they need," Knight told Outlook.

The serum stimulates the hair follicles the boosts hair growth. Sensi Sensitive Skin care line includes the body wash, lotion and hand soap. "An important ingredient in each of these cosmetics is essential oil. They also have medical properties that help to reduce inflammation of the skin. Each product is made from natural ingredients. And will give you a sense of hope and faith in replenishing damaged skin and will keep your body feeling healthy, cool, and refreshed. Unlike some cosmetic items, Sensi Sensitive Skin uses simple ingredients that are non carcinogenic, non irritating, hypoallergenic, and are suitable to combat skin conditions such as eczema. With common ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter, water, glycerine and natural surfactants, your skin will praise you for using these products. "What we have found is other cosmetics that we use daily, mainly the deodorant and lotion contains ingredients that make such susceptible to diseases. For example, in the deodorant there is aluminum that increases a woman's chance of developing breast cancer. Other cosmetics have sulphates that also put our health at risk," the chemist explained. New Things The young chemist boasts that there are greater days a head for her skin and hair care line.

With a vision to expand in other areas of cosmetics she aims to greater assist you in properly caring for your skin. Her ambition is to include cosmetics such as makeup, deodorant and even products for oral health hygiene only to help you improve your body and health. She believes there is no excuse for not having a perfectly healthy shin in spite of whatever challenges your are experiencing. "Face it you have to keep the skin healthy because it is the largest organ and if we allow barrows to get into it, it will not be good for us," she said.