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Published:Friday | June 9, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Mother Nature’s hues. Taken at Treasure Beach.


Cc: Love

By the time you interrupted my existence,

I was already so weak that I was ready

Ready to fall into the first mirage

Of a prince waiting to charm his way into an unfortified psyche

By the time your fingers brushed my lips,

they were already in sub-Saharan state,

Ready to be revived by the first

drop of poison to touch them,

then to be swallowed into the shallow place

that my soul had become.

By the time you pressed your body against mine,

I was already an unwillingly willing, unwitting

lamb to the slaughter,

Pliant and ready for all the ways

you intended to mar my within.

By the time you came,

You left in your wake a jilted girl,

drugged up on your brand of cocaine,

Ready to be administered with just one more shot

of you.

By the time you made your exit,

I came to the reality that out of

deprivation was born a longing for a deep and lasting connection.

But I let you, and you entered ready

Ready to leave only dusty traces of blue,

Staining my face, my fingers, my spirit and my heart

With your carbon copy.

Candace McGibbon


The Ocean

I look at the blue ocean with its carbon dioxide

It thrusts with releasing greenhouse gases burning fossils

So dense as it gets colder

Cargo ships want to float and not get older.

I remembered crossing the Atlantic Ocean

And thought of the salinity and winds so strong

The rain started splashing on the plane glass

I got confused and thought it was vapour coming in fast.

'There is only one big ocean on the earth

Many basins, Indian, southern, Arctic and the rest is dirt

Carbon is broken down to form shells and skeletal parts

While tectonic activity below the land it wants to carve.

Global changes, El Nino and La Nina impacts the weather

The warm sea air becomes like feather

Million of life species are in its cradle

As I write with the pen this ocean fable.

Hortense Francis