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Published:Sunday | March 7, 2021 | 12:08 AM
Silhouette of a woman praying
Silhouette of a woman praying

Woman of God, arise!

Woman of God, arise!

March forward!

You are a queen!

Arise like Esther who became queen and saved her people.

Arise like Abigail who became King David’s wife through her grace,

compassion and courage.

Arise like Mary, mother of Jesus, the most humble and submissive

woman servant of God.

Arise like Hannah who was barren but became fertile and the faithful

mother of Samuel.

Woman of God, arise!

Emancipate yourself from insecurities, low self-esteem, gossiping

and backbiting.

Break the chains of slavery, mentally and physically.

Allow the Holy Spirit to fill you and transform you completely.

Woman of God, arise!

Be the queen that you are.

You are strong!

You are wonderful.

You’re fearfully and wonderfully created.

Wonderful woman, that’s who you are.

Woman of God, arise!

Faced with many challenges, but you must not be defeated.

Woman of God, step victoriously into your God-given purpose.

Never be controlled by your past, people or money.

Let God take control of your life.

Be humble, but know your worth.

Woman of God, arise!

Love deeply, give cheerfully.

Pray continuously.

Be empowered by the word of God.

Be fortified by your relationship with God.

Be an example for little girls and other women locally and internationally.

You are beautiful no matter your skin colour, weight or height.

You are important despite your background, job, education or

economic situation.

You are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ.

Women of God, fearfully and wonderfully created.

Wonderful women, that’s who we are.

Women of God, arise!

We have fought a thousand battles but, we are still standing.

We have cried a million tears but, we are still smiling and laughing.

We are respectful and respected, we are hopeful and optimistic.

We put complete trust and confidence in God alone.

Women of God, arise!

Let us inspire and uplift each other.

Let us hate no one, no matter how much we have been hurt.

Let us think positively despite the negativity that surrounds us.

Let us forgive, no matter how difficult it is.

Let us embrace happiness amidst sadness.

Let us praise the Lord every chance we get.

Mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

Woman of God, arise!

You are a queen!

Arise, march forward and shine wonderfully for God.

– Erika Heslop Martin