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Samory I gets fitter for 'Black Gold' release

Published:Tuesday | April 18, 2017 | 12:00 AMMel Cooke

Part of Samory I's preparation for the upcoming release of his debut album, Black Gold, has been physical. And it is not only his vocal chords that are being whipped into better shape through extended sessions to tracks or with a band, but also the body that houses that voice.

Giving producer Rory "a different level of respect" for a different level of understanding, Samory I said "things I did not think I could do, I now do with ease". He said that the process of creating Black Gold has gone beyond recording the tracks.

"You have days it is just rehearsal for two, three hours, with tracks or a band."

Then there is the exercise, running along the Palisadoes Road, said Samory I, outlining a schedule of running in the morning, studio work, returning home for a meal, then going back to the studio before an evening running session.




It is a lot of preparation for the work that will go into a set which includes Rasta No Gangster, Serve Jah, Power, African Daughter and the title track, among others. Samory I said that he already performs for an hour when he is onstage outside Jamaica. Last year, he did shows in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, Samory I saying, "It was a very good experience being on the road ... People cried to the effect of how I delivered the music."

He sums up Rasta No Gangster as a reaction to the negatives that have been associated with Rastafari, emphasising that "Rasta is a peaceful man". The song was written in a time of grief, when his sister-in-law was killed while riding on a motorcycle with a man who was the target of gunmen. The song was a rejection of thoughts of revenge.

He will be performing in Trinidad in June, and there is the possibility of a stint in the US.

"I am humbled at the fact that I got the opportunity to do an album, but at the same time, I am excited," Samory I, who was born in 1989, said. He said the title track is a love song, putting the title track's choice down to the black race being the Almighty's first creation and the first civilisations being on the African continent.

He is hoping that the set will attract some new people to his work, so "my voice can be heard".