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Raging Fyah releases 'Rebel', teases new album

Published:Wednesday | May 2, 2018 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small/Gleaner Writer
Raging Fyah

Grammy-nominated band Raging Fyah is prepped for another short tour in the US soon. For ten days, the five-man strong group will be headlining their own shows in Texas, Arizona, and other sections of the west coast. "We'll be finishing off at Cali Roots Festival in California," bandleader Delroy 'Pele' Hamilton (bass guitar) told The Gleaner.

Other members of Raging Fyah are Demar 'Demz' Gayle (keyboard), Anthony 'ToniDrumz' Watson (drums), Courtland 'Gizmo' White (lead guitar) and Kumar Bent (lead vocals). The reggae band often promotes performances on the US west coast, a place which Pele believes has become more attune to the 'island-vibe'.

"California has a similar vibe to Europe. They are more welcoming [than] the east coast. They're more laid back. There are surfers and a beach vibe. It has an island vibe in terms of how the people feel free. You'll find the East Coast is more poppy and hip-hop ... but the West Coast, maybe because marijuana is legalised, they welcome the roots music, in my opinion," he said.

As much as the crew has been travelling, die-hard fans can comfort themselves with the idea that the band is still working on the follow-up to their third album, Everlasting. "We're in the studio as we speak. That's the thing about touring. We are also recording while we're on tour. On the last tour, we recorded in Nashville, and the work is being edited now," the bandleader said.




Pele said the group is working on a new album, which is in the final stages of production. "We're pretty much mixing the album. We've finished recording, and are now doing final touches on mixing," he said. In the meantime, Raging Fyah fans can be held over by their recently released single called Rebel. While unwilling to say if the song will appear on the upcoming album, Pele disclosed that the producer behind the new single is Llamar 'Riff-Raff' Brown (Nebulus Records), the man behind the mixing boards of the Grammy-nominated Everlasting.

A music video for Rebel will be coming soon.