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5 Questions with ... Yaadcore

Published:Thursday | May 31, 2018 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small/Gleaner Writer
Yaadcore (right) and DJ Daneek.
The founders of Dubwise (from left) Yaadcore, Jason Panton and Protoje.

As a selector, Yaadcore has maintained a reputation of frequently flying across Europe, the United States and booking multiple shows in Africa, taking the Dubwise brand with him. Founded by Protoje, Yaadcore and Jason Panton five years ago, the brand has made its mark across the globe in traditional dub style. This year, the selector will add 'producer' to his impressive rÈsumÈ. On June 15, Delicious Vinyl Island will release it's second single called No Fenke Fenke, the first original production from Yaadcore. A joint release with Yaadcore's own 12 Yaad label, the tune features Ghetto Youths recording artist Kabaka Pyramid and Shanique Marie of the critically acclaimed Equiknoxx Music camp.


1. How did it take so long to get into producing?


Nothing happens before the time and it's something I always wanted to do. I just never wanted to rush into it. As a deejay, I always liked to be creative. Production allows you to actually create.


2. Kabaka Pyramid and Shanique Marie of Equiknoxx Music are featured on No Fenke Fenke. How did you get acquainted with those artistes?


I knew Kabaka a long time before him 'buss' on the scene, through Protoje. Shanique, I actually don't remember how I met her. Oh yeah - she sent me a dubplate and we connected from there.


3. Will Yaadcore be doing juggling riddims, EPs and other extended works in the future, and how soon?


Yes, for sure. All of that is in the pipeline, without a timeline. Just keep your eyes and ears open.


4. Why partner up with Delicious Vinyl?


I'd say mystical vibes, but they're good at what they do in the hip-hop world, as well as a bit of reggae having created Born Jamericans - Yardcore (1997) - back in the day. Now they have decided to make a new label imprint, Delicious Vinyl Island, to focus more on the reggae market. My manager works for them too, so it's a family vibes.


5. Is there another Dubwise in the pipeline for Jamaica?


Yeah, we're looking at dates now.


Bonus: Should we expect a music video for No Fenke Fenke?


There's a lyric video done already, and will be released on June 15. Video vibes? Who knows? ;)

Delicious Vinyl Island is a recently launched Caribbean music imprint from LA's Delicious Vinyl, which opened with its first release from Kingston's Natural High Music and Royal Blu called Reap What You Sow last April. Delicious Vinyl is already a successful and identifiable hip-hop label, with previous releases like Young MC's Bust A Move (1989) and the Pharcyde's Passin' Me By (1992).