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Keznamdi has the ‘City Lock’ with Tory Lanez - Reggae artiste says collab track is receiving major support from mainstream markets

Published:Wednesday | February 19, 2020 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle/Staff Reporter
Reggae artiste Keznamdi envisioned the collab three years prior.
Reggae artiste Keznamdi collabs with Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez.

Some three years ago when reggae artiste Keznamdi penned the verses to his latest single, City Lock, he envisioned the track as a collaborative effort with Canadian rapper Tory Lanez. Call it fate or simply speaking things into existence, whatever it was, that dream is now a reality as Tory Lanez is the featured act on the track, which was released last Thursday.

“Tory Lanez a mi artiste. So three years ago, I wrote it in my iTunes library and I never really expect for it to follow through like that, but I link with Sean Kingston’s brother, who is a very good friend of mine and, as you know, Tory Lanez was signed to Sean Kingston’s label. I was telling him (Sean Kingston’s brother) the story not knowing he was connected to Tory Lanez like that and him say, ‘Yow, we can get the Tory, so let’s do it’,” Keznamdi recalled.

“But when people tell me dem thing deh me nuh really follow up because I’m an introvert, so me nah go really force or push those things. I prefer those things happen very naturally. But one time I was in Miami and that’s when Sean Kingston’s brother called me and told me he (Tory) was in Miami and so I was told to call him.

“We went to his penthouse and I remember actually waiting and thinking, ‘Me nuh wah get style, innu’. But he was a very genuine yute. The first day we never even make no music, we just reason. And then he said to forward the next day, and when me forward, the man recorded the song in like 15-20 minutes. Trey Songz did even pull up at the session, and it was just a crazy experience for me as an artiste to be in the room with these people,” he continued.

The song has been out for almost a week, and having already been picked up by Billboard Magazine, Keznamdi believes the track has what it takes to go the distance. He explained that the message behind the track has been fuelling the love for the music even more.

“To know this movement is coming from the place where Rasta was always considered the filth and ganja was considered drugs ,and reggae music was considered as low-class music, to now being accepted is what makes this song unique,” he explained. “The world come end up love Rasta, reggae and ganja, which is so ironic. A we a lock the city and a ram yuh party, that’s what gave me the ‘city lock’ idea, and Tory Lanez really did just come nail the track, especially on a mainstream level.”

Major support

Speaking of mainstream, the entertainer says the song has been getting some major support.

“Usually, sometimes when we send out records, we affi double-check wid deejays to make sure dem download the tune, but when me send da one ya out, the reception was crazy. You don’t usually see reggae music being put on the front page of Billboard. Usually, it’s on the side and to know we got that, it was good to know that we were being recognised at this level and appreciated,” he said.

“The record is powerful, an undeniable one. It shows how much reggae music is in a great place, and we can confirm that dancehall and reggae music is on a mainstream level.”

The song, City Lock, is available on all major digital streaming platforms.