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Afrobeats artistes Stonebwoy and Dynamq booked for Rebel Salute

Published:Sunday | January 15, 2023 | 1:25 AMAaliyah Cunningham - Sunday Gleaner Writer

Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall and reggae musician Stonebwoy will hit the Rebel Salute stage.
Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall and reggae musician Stonebwoy will hit the Rebel Salute stage.

There is room for everyone, Tony Rebel says of reggae and Afrobeats.
There is room for everyone, Tony Rebel says of reggae and Afrobeats.

Following a break as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, patrons are set to return to Grizzly’s Plantation Cove next weekend for the two-night concert event, Rebel Salute. Staying true to its usual format, the event will feature several booths and a jam-packed line-up of performances. Speaking with The Sunday Gleaner, event organiser Tony Rebel said this staging is not to be missed.

“This year we [have] the great Stonebwoy out of Ghana along with Dynamq from South Sudan,” said Rebel who went on to explain the significance of “having two Africans here in the house”. “It doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you are a black man, you are African. If a cow have a calf in a goat pen it does not mean that it is a kid. So we are from Africa. We know that we were enslaved and brought to the Western Hemisphere even though most were transported through the Middle Passage, [some] came on [their] own and live here. We have to keep the connection going. We are one people and it is one music, one God, one aim, one destiny so we have to make sure we keep that going at all times,” he explained.

Having a diverse line-up has also been a part of the show. But as more focus is placed on the rise of the Afrobeats genre, there is constant comparison and debate about how the rise of the sound has affected the relevance of reggae music internationally. According to Rebel, both genres are fine where they are and there is room for everyone.

“Every sound have their time and is from the sixties Fela Kuti a deal wid [Afrobeat], enuh. Burna Boy and these guys just recently start do it but that kind of sound has always existed, so it is time now for them to reach out on top. I mean reggae has been out there, dancehall has been out there so it just means that Afrobeats come and catch us up. It does not mean that one is better one is sinking the other cause the Afrobeats artistes still do reggae and dancehall and we do Afrobeats too so it just one music. None is better than any but one is more current, and getting the highlight more recently and that is okay,” Rebel explained.

Though sharing that there have been a few challenges with nailing down sponsors, Rebel is content that he and his team have made do with all they have. Hoping that everything goes off without a glitch, he assures the public that he and his team are pulling out all the stops to ensure the success of the show. Rebel also confirmed that all booths have been sold out.

“We have had a ‘plandemic’ for two years and nobody really went out much. We have not seen a Rebel Salute back on track with audience and all so you can’t afford to miss the first one. It is going to be a vibe and people are going to get back into their normal vibe. Everybody needs to come and witness it,” he said.

“We have started setting up from the tenth. All sorts of things are happening. I am here crossing the Ts and dotting the Is, so that we have smooth entry and so on. We are meeting with the police again to discuss management of the traffic,” Rebel continued.

Other artistes billed for January 20 and 21 are Rodney Pryce, Lady G, Duane Stephenson, Louie Culture, Ernie Smith, Rytikal, Bling Dawg, Nation Boss, Luciano, I-Wayne, Capelton, Sanchez, Moses Davis, Terry Linen, George Nooks, Imeru Tafari, Ras-I, Junior Holt, Wesrok and Echo Minott along with a slew of other acts.

Next year, Rebel Salute is expected to celebrate its 30th anniversary.