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Condom set to mark UK’s return to normalcy

Published:Wednesday | May 5, 2021 | 10:04 PMBANG Bizarre

A condom is being released to mark the day the UK is set to move out of lockdown.

Men's digital health clinic FromMars are giving away June 21st condoms to protect sexual health once limits on social contact are removed by the UK government.

The company are urging men to 'Wrap Up. Stay Safe' as they enjoy freedom again following more than a year of Covid restrictions.

FromMars posted on Twitter: "As restrictions are set to be eased further from June 21st, it's crucial that we protect ourselves from this day forward and still think of safe sex to avoid sexually transmitted infections."

The initiative comes as leading epidemiologist Dr. Nicholas Christakis laid out a vision of 'sexual licentiousness' once fears over the pandemic have eased.