Sun | Oct 1, 2023
Stranger Than Fiction

Ear acupuncture can help people lose weight

Published:Thursday | May 25, 2023 | 6:54 AMBANG Bizarre

A study conducted in Japan revealed that overweight and obese men lost over a stone on average after undergoing the procedure that involves strapping tiny beads to the ears.

The three-month trial saw 81 participants have six beads placed on their outer ears and fixed in place with surgical tape.

The beads were attached to pressure points that are believed to help control appetite which were replaced twice during hospital visits to make sure the pressure remained constant.

On average, the men lost 8kg and four per cent of their total body fat after taking part in the trial.

Dr Takahiro Fujimoto, director of Clinic F in Tokyo, said: "In Japan, this method to aid weight loss has been used for over 30 years. Since these tiny metal beads are attached to six points on the outer ear that stimulate nerves and organs which regulate appetite, safety and hunger, this type of acupuncture does not require complex knowledge or skill.

"Our findings suggest that acupuncture on the ear may aid weight loss when paired with diet and exercise. It's likely that acupuncture has a positive effect by curbing cravings and appetite, improving digestion, and boosting metabolism."


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