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Fall beauty

Published:Friday | November 6, 2015 | 12:00 AMNatalia Oh!
The traditional smokey eye is always in
Strobing is the process of highlighting the tops of the cheekbones where light would naturally hit the face.

When it comes to make-up for the cooler months, we go to classic perennial favourites - lips get darker and women add sparkle and shimmer to perfectly lined eyes.

While the winged eye is here to stay and some women would joke it requires the precise hand of a surgeon, we think there are other ways to update your look using more manageable techniques.

With the help of Renee Dennis, Buntricia-certified cosmetologist of Blushhhing Faces, we will take a look at some achievable looks for the holiday season ahead.


Deep berry lips:


The only secret with darker lips is to prep and prime. Prep lips with a gentle scrub, using Vaseline and sugar or a store bought product. Then prime lips with a light lip balm or lip primer. Line lips fully with matching lip liner or a darker shade, then apply matte lipstick on top, preferably with a lip brush. To make lips more defined, use a concealer on the outside of the line to give a more defined look. As an added bonus, a lip gloss can be added on top for sheen.

Products used here are matte lipsticks in berry shades in the Be Matte collection from City Colour, distributed all over Jamaica by NorCars Traders.


Soft brown



smokey eyes:


The traditional smokey eye is always in, and so as not to compete with the deep berry lips, Renee chose a softer palette of browns, nudes, and gold from the City Colour Cosmetics 'Spice Me Up' collection.




There's a new highlighting technique called strobing, which is essentially the opposite of contouring. Whereas contouring, made popular by Kim Kardashian involved using a darker shade foundation or blush to make the nose and cheekbone angles more pronounced. Strobing is the process of highlighting the tops of the cheekbones where light would naturally hit the face. The result is dewey and fresh. Strobing is popular in the summer because it gives a youthful glow, however, the technique can still be used in the cooler months if anchored with deep berry lips.

The palette used in this photo shoot is the highlight bronzer in the Timeless Beauty Palette, from City Colour Cosmetics.

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