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Sandra Pennant Designs

Published:Wednesday | August 17, 2016 | 10:59 AMKimberly Goodall
Tehri-Ann Brown/Photographer This handmade bag shows that braids are not only for your hair.
Patrick Planter/ Photographer This burlap barrel draw-string bag gives a feminine chic twist those bags women love -that holds everything.
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Sandra Pennant shows off one of her suede handbags that has room and compartments to fit all your essentials.
Patrick Planter/ Photographer If you love suede, then these clutches can be accessorised with tassels or trimmings just the way you like.
Patrick Planter/ Photographer This camouflage clutch is multi-purpose and can be designed to suit your needs.
Patrick Planter/ Photographer This color-block, bag with wooden handles is perfect for a day at the beach.

Sandra Pennant knew that thread and needles would chart her career path, as she saw it as more than just putting needle to cloth.

Today, her career is on track with her bag line-Sandra Pennant Designs. From making a quick run to the supermarket to dressing up your outfit for a hot date, a handbag is a are must-have.

Growing up with a grandmother, who she saw as a magician with a needle and thread, Pennant developed a love for fashion and the art of sewing.

After graduating from Richmond Secondary school in St Mary, she attended the Trendy School of Fashion in Highgate, St Mary, in pursuit of her passion.

"I always loved fashion. I love reading fashion magazines so I can be inspired and know what's going on. I am grateful to Georgia Knight-Peterson, who taught me how to sew and to use a sewing machine, as that has brought me a far way. Though I loved watching my grandmother sew, I was eager to start creating my own fashion trends," 43-year-old Pennant expressed.

She told Flair that she started out making her bags with a pair of jeans.

"I had cut off the bottom of a jeans pants I had, and got inspired to make use of it so I made a drawstring jeans bag that had no lining," she recalled laughing.

After working for a few seamstresses, Pennant ventured on her own at the age of 20 to develop her passion for designing handbags. She said that while she likes designing and making household accessories and clothing, but her true passion is for handbags.

Though she has faced many adversities and has been discouraged one too many times, Pennant has designed a number of handbags from her visions. Among her many designs are burlap bags, drawstrings, clutches, and bucket bags - all created with an array of colour and accessories.

Keep your eyes peeled for Sandra Pennant Designs, but before then, here are a few of the pieces from her line.

Sandra Pennant Designs

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