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'Make Me Your Selecta'

Published:Thursday | May 25, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

They often say nobody's perfect, but sometimes all you need is the right inspiration to bring your message across and stand out in the process. That's where music comes into play.

Use the tools of lyrics and melody to get his or her attention or ultimately win your way into his or her heart.


The Beginning


When you first met, maybe you had an idea that you wanted to be together, maybe you were clueless of the outcome. All you knew was that when you saw him, you were feelings the butterflies that Fantasia sang about in When I See You and you wanted to let your love Adorn her. With all that affection, you start sneaking him off to your secret Hideaway, as he boasts to his friends and family about you, expressing openly, She's Royal.

Time passes and you discover this is no Ordinary Love like Alaine. Every time you need him, he'd say, Call on Me. You both realise there's no place you'd Rather Be, than with each other. And in no time, you've Earned it when it came to Affairs of the heart, experiencing Unconditional Love like no other.


Hot n Ready


Loving you Just the Way You Are, you decide it's time to get Physical and bring some action Between the Sheets. Taking it Nice and Slow, and in Slow Motion, he is immediately captivated by your Body Party and joins in on the festivities. From Candy Shop, Lollipop, and Rampin' Shop in between, the Shape of You was given a remix, bringing Equal Rights to the forefront. Despite his mind telling him no, his body was saying yes, as you both begin to Bump 'n' Grind. Fever Vybz Kartel style strikes when the heat intensifies. Nice and Easy, he marvels at how Enchanting your body is, that can't help but Spoil Yuh like Alkaline, by giving you the Sexual Healing you truly deserve. Starry rendezvous turns into Morning Love. You surrender and Bring it to Di Owna on a daily basis.


Makeup to Break up


But sometimes in a relationship, things can get rocky. Priorities change, people get bored, and those subtle differences become so tumultuous by nature, they exceed the great sex, which now pales in comparison. You may experience a case of Pills n Potions overdosing on the love that you have for him. Thinking Out Loud, he might say "I'd rather have bad times with you", asserting too that without you, his life would be Incomplete. But is that enough, for you to say We Belong Together?


When Heartbreak Hits


Admitting to yourself that We don't talk anymore and the more painful, We're not making love no more, you wonder if it's the right time to Say Goodbye. You ask him to Say Something before giving up, but all he asks is How You Gonna Act Like That?. You Hate that You Love Him but unfortunately love is not enough. So you let it Burn.

Confession part 1: you check in to Heartbreak Hotel, hoping that he comes around and says Unbreak my heart, but he doesn't. The Worst has happened.

Confession part 2: His Mirror and One in a Million is not longer and in his life and so he realises that Since You Been Gone there Ain't No Sunshine, so he attempts to say Sorry, but you have moved on. He says that he can Treat You Better than any man can, but he is just Too little, Too late. What doesn't kill you makes you Stronger.