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Carcell Franciva-Simple sophistaction

Published:Thursday | July 27, 2017 | 12:00 AMTickoya Joseph

To wear a piece from Carcell Franciva is not simply to be clothed. In fact, in some cases the creativity in the design is reflected in just how the fabric hugs and covers just the intricacies of the body. It is that brand that represents a dream reached through hard work and perseverance.

The label, born out of a need to look and feel sophisticated and trendy has been embraced by several celebrities and fashionistas such as Romaine Virgo, Christopher Martin, Tifa, Agent Sasco and his wife Nicole. Carcell Campbell is extremely pleased to see persons who he admires and respects in his brand, especially when he reminisces on how it all began.

Back in school, Campbell remembers his mother spending a pretty penny on an outfit for a school event. While he was extremely grateful and was the centre of attention for the day, there was some amount of concern about the expense. A few weeks later, there was another event but he was swiftly told by his mother that she would not be spending that kind of money on another outfit.

He had already set the standard and so he realised that he had to find a way to match up or even surpass the previous look. With his own funds, Campbell went out and bought what he describes as a "regular plain shirt" and some embroidery thread. What is now seen as his first piece of greatness captured many stares, comments, and questions for the night and he was extremely pleased.




Fast forwarding through a marketing degree and jobs in the corporate world, Campbell knew something was missing. Dabbling in designs and partnering with the likes of Romeich, his designs became noticeable by persons who respected in the fashion world.

He, however, moved to New York but did not lose his sense of style or the creative gene. He told Flair of sitting on a train one day and getting the grand idea of starting a T-shirt line, replicating the 'I love New York' brand but representing his homeland. Much to his disappointment, he didn't make any sales. He had to later sell his shirts to a vendor who, of course, didn't pay the price he had hoped.

Being gifted a sewing machine, upon request, Campbell started to experiment with different designs. Noteworthy is the fact that he had not sat around a sewing machine before. He, however, attributes the skill to having watched his tailor on numerous occasions do the same actions repeatedly.

Soon he was creating bathing suits, jackets, T-shirts, dresses, and recently shoes. Campbell's aim is to have an aspirational brand. With every design, he hopes to capture the attention of the likes of super star Rihanna.