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Private party: Lap of luxury

Published:Thursday | September 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Nothing is more thrilling, more exhilarating or more satisfying than hijacking the ordinary by engaging in your very own private party in his lap of luxury. Follow these lap dancing rules below and he will have no choice but to surrender to your hidden treasure.


A treat for your someone sweet


This is a tasty treat best served on special occasions. The aim is to break away from the mundane and spice things up by doing something sweet. What could get sweeter than a lap dance? The answer: nothing!


Practice makes perfect


The moves you make during a lap dance don't necessarily have to be choreographed. Your aim is to elevate and dominate, becoming so tantalising, so appetising, he'll not only want to make you his main course, but he'll desire indulging in your dessert too. *wink*


Feeling myself


Beyonce sang about feeling herself. So I guess it's time to follow in her fierce footsteps and sashay your way into his mind, body and soul by, yes, literally feeling yourself. The trick is to tenderly touch all the his preferred sensitive areas of your body with your fingertips, before transferring those perks to him.


Set the mood


Lit scented candles or dimmed lights, scattered rose petals, slow and soft music, you, him and the chair of your choice. What more can he do but sit back, relax and enjoy the show?


Dress to undress


Men are all about the visuals. So, being completely naked loses its lustre and too much clothes sends the wrong message. Step into those heels and strike a sultry balance with lingerie, tipping his scale with seduction.


Sexy surprise


Keep the mystery going throughout the day and withhold any direct information about executing a lap dance from him. Instead, leave subtle but steamy hints that will lead towards an encounter. Then when he least expects it, you break out the moves and get to working.


Perfect Playlist


The key to composing the perfect playlist is to combine songs that will encourage you to tap into your inner sexy with his favourite slow jams and work your magic!


Please tease


Tease until he says please. And then tease him a little more. The anticipation won't kill him, it will only make it harder for him to fight the feeling, so keep his mind and other body parts stimulated by your moves.


Complex vs Simple


Some dare to go complex with their dance moves, while others seek for simplicity. Do whatever floats his 'boat' and ride his waves wildly until he anchors in contentment.


From start to finish


They like to say that with anything in life, it's best you start well and end well. In the scenario, start off slow and steady, swaying your hips of seduction towards him. Lead him all the way into temptation and every now and then, pull back for the taunting effect. Make eye contact, work the space, drop it the floor and explore enticing moves body to body, until you take your private party to the after-party.