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Cooling eczema flares

Published:Friday | July 13, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley

Rashes with a reddish skin, tiny blisters, and itching, do you know what that is? It sure sounds a lot like a typical case of eczema. And with the sweltering warmth bestowed on us by the awesome, yet sizzling season, it's likely that your episodes of this skin condition will worsen; or your chances of developing the condition have just been hiked.

There are myriad triggers that are associated with this common malady. An allergy, soaps, metals (namely nickel), and some types of fabrics like wool and polyester are the usual. But, with the heat, sweat is the most notorious igniter that will spark a burning flare of eczema.




- Cool it down: Keeping cool is a powerful weapon which, you can use to minimise your risk of these flares. This means little exposure to the sun is the key. Less sun exposure equates to you maintaining the moisture in your skin. Dry skin is the perfect breeding ground for eczema. Also, wearing loose-fitting clothes are a plus.

- Sunscreen: You may think that because you're in Jamaica you don't need sunscreen; but you're wrong. They block the sun's ultraviolet rays from seeping through skin. So, your skin will be kept moist and, of course, looking radiant.

- Moisturise: Whether you have eczema, you should be moisturising the skin. Moisturising after a bath when your skin is still damp is a great way to combat the condition.

- Hydrocortisone: If you already have the fiery rashes, this cream will work wonders for your skin. Ensure that it is always on hand; make it your official 911 call. It treats the redness, swellings, itching and several other discomforts that are brought about by this particular condition.

- Water: Water should be more than your best friend. Now is the time for you to treat is as your life partner. It keeps the body hydrated and cool. Also, going for a swim is a great idea. It's one way to ensure that your body is kept cool.