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Issa Fine Fashion at I Love Soca

Published:Monday | April 29, 2019 | 12:17 AM

Soca might be simmering down following the successful climax of Carnival Day. But who says the sizzling highlights have to end?

Last week Wednesday, snacks and main courses were dishing out a different kind of wine at the highly anticipated event of the season, I Love Soca, hookin’ hulks and vagabonds on the ‘Sabina Grass’.

The ‘fêting famalay’ jammed the streets of Kingston under the stars, running with coolers in hand to party in good vibes only. Practised harmonies and melodies captured the soca hearts as revellers reported gyrating ‘bumpas’, casting them in a pile of lost and found. The winning challenge resulted in a release of sheer euphoria.

A focal point of the ‘playing mas’ proceedings exhibited style in bold, dazzling, traffic-blocking, bare as you dare style! So let’s reminisce on the night’s fabulous fashion, shall we?