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‘Bite Size Ja’ Toys with pleasure

Published:Monday | July 1, 2019 | 12:00 AM

“The art of seduction is knowing what she really wants and slowly giving it to her in a way that takes her breath away.” Tapping into the market of touch and play and toying with euphoric pleasure is Renae O’Meally.

O’Meally started her online company, Bite Size Ja, almost three months ago out of a need to satisfy the teasers and pleasers in convenience. After being introduced to her first toy two years ago, she hasn’t looked at sex the same way since. Her initial encounter was unlike the conventions of sought-after self-pleasure. The male friend who released that playful side of ecstasy to her encouraged her to try the battery-powered bullet. At first, she was sceptical and reluctant to even try it, but then she did.

“It was one of the most awesome experiences and, from there, I had an interest in toys.” So converted in her belief was she that she decided to make a business out of it and shed some spotlight on the nice and naughty acts behind closed doors.


When asked why sex toys, O’Meally’s response was: Why not sex toys? “We need self-pleasure. We need to be able to incorporate playtime between ourselves and our partners. Make it interesting, make it fun, make it exciting, make it different; routine is boring,” she added.

Men, she explained, used to shy away from these handy bedroom sidekicks, but now they have become her biggest customers for their spouses.

Dubbed the sex therapist by her rising clientele, she strongly believes in educating persons about toys before they make a decision to purchase. For our viewing pleasure, O’Meally carried along with her lipstick vibrators, battery-powered bullets, rechargeable 10-speed bullets, vibrating c-rings, and 10-speed rechargeable massagers and wands. Prices currently range from $1,000 to $6,500, not inclusive of delivery fee.

The highlight for women is the lipstick vibrator. According to O’Meally, she wanted to supply a toy for females that they could take anywhere. Whether on the road, at a party, just about anywhere, because it is concealable, so people really have no idea what it is. “For this particular one, when I found it, I thought this could fit perfectly in my make-up kit. And the beauty about it is that no one can tell the difference between this an actual lipstick because it looks the same.”


Among the misguided notions of playing for pleasure, she explained that many think toys are solely for the self. False. In fact, it will be a great addition to the partnership and spark passion in ways you could not begin to fathom. Another marred view is that toys replace boys – definitely not the case. No toy can replace the warmth and comfort of a man. But if a woman is with toying with the idea, she encourages their stallion to entertain their female counterpart and see where the journey takes you.

With discreet packaging for all of your products readily available, and plans to host play parties in the future, she advises those who are sceptical about buying a toy to just try it. “How do you know that you don’t like toys if you’ve never actually tried it? If the one experimented with is not for you, then try another. I guarantee there is a toy out there for you.”

So why worry when you can play? If you would like to get animated with toys from Bite Size Ja, or you want to learn more about this erotic experience, you can find O’Meally on Instagram: @bitesizeja or Facebook: Bite Size or Email: