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Iconic living: Real estate the millennial way

Published:Monday | July 1, 2019 | 12:15 AM
From left: Jamila Pinto and P.J. Wright along with host of Web-based series Iconic Living, Natalie Outar.
From left: Jamila Pinto and P.J. Wright along with host of Web-based series Iconic Living, Natalie Outar.

Millennials do it differently. One of the things that differentiate millennials from previous generations is their approach to work. Millennials place great store in doing what they love. Additionally, many are not too keen on the traditional nine to five work set-up, instead focusing on a more flexible schedule while working on more than one passion project at a time. This episode’s guests were no different.

Jamila Pinto is the founder and director of the Indiggo Conference, a motivational and networking event geared towards individuals existing and striving towards being in the creative industry. Additionally, she holds the position of executive assistant to international reggae artiste Protoje, while also freelancing as the publicist for up-and-coming reggae superstar Koffee.

P.J. Wright has been in the game a bit longer and has become a household name in the world of events management. He is a founding member of Dream Entertainment, organisers of the iconic Dream Weekend party series and Dream Weekend Cruise; a director of Xodus Carnival Jamaica; the organiser of the popular Chillin’ party series; and most recently, the principal of Chillin’ Restaurant located in Hope Gardens.


Throughout his career in entertainment, P.J. has mastered the art of motivating different demographics and, as a result, has successfully expanded his business interests.

“For me, it’s about doing what you love. When you follow your passion, you can work all day and not really feel like you’re working. I have turned my love into my business. With the creative side of things, I try to do what I think I would appreciate if I was in those target demographics and at the highest level possible.”


Pinto represents the view of many younger millennials who are still working on establishing themselves professionally while making plans for the future.

“I am interested in homeownership but I don’t have all the information I need yet to make that decision. Growing up, my mother would always tell me to make sure I owned my own home. So it’s something I would definitely go into and encourage other millennials to explore.”

Wright, drawing from his years of experience, explained the importance of young people waiting to invest in real estate until they are truly financially ready to.

“Don’t rush into it. It’s more important to have the money put aside rather than to just rush because the market seems good right now and loans are available. Real estate is a big commitment and at the end of the day, if you’re going to buy cash you are in a good position, but if you’re taking a mortgage, then there are other factors to consider. Make sure you can actually manage it while maintaining your lifestyle.”


For many young people, the challenge of getting to a point financially where they are able to invest in real estate can seem quite overwhelming. To remedy this, Jamila suggests seeking help from a professional able to issue sound advice on financial management.

“I just started seeing a financial adviser to get some insights into how to best invest my money. She advised me to start early, no matter how much you make, put some aside for the future. As for millennials, who sometimes have more informal jobs, I think having a paper trail is good for loans and NHT (National Housing Trust), to show that you are eligible and can repay your debts.”


While homeownership, whether for personal use or as an investment, seems like an obvious choice, sometimes there may be greater gains to be made in more unconventional investments like commercial space. P.J. noted that even though many people believe residential real estate is the best choice, there are other options.

“Home investment seems like the most obvious investment sometimes because the belief is that there will always be a demand for homes. But the reality is that people also need business space. You may have someone you know that owns a piece of land and is migrating, make an offer. You don’t know what that land could be used for in the future. Look at the potential opportunity.”

We hope these professional insights and advice help to guide you on your way to living an iconic lifestyle!