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I Am Not A Chef – Healthy Snacks

Published:Tuesday | September 8, 2015 | 2:58 PMKrysta Anderson
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Salt fish delight served a National Crispy Water Crackers.
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer The Cinna-sticks ready for the pot.
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Though she is not a 'chef', she proudly displays her prized creations- salt fish delight on National Crispy water crackers, salt fish delight served as a dip for the baked sweet potato chips and homemade baked cinna-sticks, served with a maple syrup.
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Homemade baked cinna-sticks served with maple syrup on the side.
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer A delightful pose with my creation

Healthy DIY snacks

"Eat this, don't eat that." Many of us have been down this road before. But that is always easier said than done because the struggle to resist temptation is all too real.

Well, for the second episode of I Am Not A Chef, I decided to highlight a few snack options guaranteed to not only entertain your taste buds but also good for your body.

The key to striking a balance is to cook light while ensuring that your palate isn't bored. So this week, I prepared three dishes - home-made cinna-sticks, salt fish delight, and baked sweet potato chips.

These are good for you to enjoy alone, or if you are hosting a few family members or friends and are not sure what to make.

Rethink those fried chips, get the pots out, heat the oven and let's do this!

Home-made cinna-sticks - my version of it anyway - is similar to French toast, with a twist. I added cinnamon to my whisked egg batter, made strips out of my National Bran Bread, dipped them in the batter, coating them, then placed them on a greased pan and popped them in the oven for 3508C for about five to seven minutes and, voila!

This was all trial and error for me, but I was anticipating success. I checked in on the sticks and found they were not coming out as I had hoped (note that this is my first time doing it this way, normally I fry them), so I flipped them and prayed for the best.

While I waited for them to bake to a crisp, I made my salt fish delight - a combination of salt fish with mixed vegetables and butter beans, all sautÈed in minimal oil. The thinly sliced sweet potato chips were soaked in water, then salt and pepper sprinkled on and popped in the oven for about 10 minutes.

In the end, I presented home-made cinna-sticks, served with maple syrup as a dip, salt fish delight on National's Crispy Water Crackers, and the salt fish delight was used as a dip for the sweet potato chips.

What started out as a test turned into a culinary masterpiece (that's a stretch, but I was proud of my work). The proof was in the taste, and it was delicious: I was definitely pleased!

Join me next time. Until then, remember, live good and eat good!