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Juice It The 'Tru' Way

Published:Tuesday | April 18, 2017 | 4:28 PMKimberly Goodall

Want to do your body some real good? Green juices are liquid gold for boosts of energy, nutrients, and restoration. Though it can be yummy, green juicing is hard work. It makes a mess in your kitchen and takes time to clean up. But with Tru-Juice's premium-quality, freshly blended 100 per cent green vegetable juice, you can enjoy the easy drink of pure goodness without the hassle of drawing for a blender.

Tapping into the global trend of a healthy lifestyle which is rapidly developing in Jamaica, Tru-Juice is targeting green juice lovers who religiously get up in the mornings and spend timeto blend their own juice. With this new, no-sugar 'meal in a bottle' no sugar, consumers now have a new choice that is convenient and can be enjoyed at home or while on the go.

The tasty vegetable juice not only provides a perfect start to your day, but helps to develop more healthy habits and a healthier lifestyle. It is locally produced, using some of Jamaica's favourite green vegetables (callaloo, pak choi, string beans, cucumber) along with a touch of ginger, and is blended with apple and pineapple to provide sweetness.

Peter McConnell, managing director of Trade Winds Citrus Limited, explained that the production of the green juice was necessary as there was a surplus of freshly harvested vegetables that was going to waste across Jamaica.

"Being farmers ourselves, we understood this plight and challenged ourselves to use as much local fruits and vegetables as is possible in the production of new and existing beverages. The items selected were cash crops that gave the Jamaican farming community a ready market," McConnell told Food.

Through Wisynco's extensive distribution network, Tru-Juice Green Vegetable Juice is targeted for national distribution to provide accessibility for all its consumers. The product has been in the market since February, so they are focused on achieving complete local distribution with the potential to export in the near future.