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The Tropical Oasis of Chillin’ Serengeti

Published:Wednesday | December 12, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
Chef Garfield Seivwright Jr warmly welcomes you to the tropical oasis of Chillin' Serengeti.
Succulent sweet Scotch bonnet-smoked pork chops served on a bed of mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.
Want to excite your palate? Try Chillin' Serengeti's Murray's curried goat and roti waffle bites.
The proof is truly in the great taste of Chillin' Serengeti's almond and pineapple crusted salmon.
Fish wontons supported by escoveitch pickle and pepper jelly sauce.
Chilling Serengeti's ‘cookshop’ chicken strips served with a side of curry gravy.

Lush greenery swaying as ambrosial aromas dance to reggae beats in the open air. The delights of savoury and sweet making a uniquely culinary convergence in the most serene of surroundings. Prepare to discover the true meaning of 'rustic meets magnifique' when you experience the tropical oasis of Chillin' Serengeti.

Located in the heart of Hope Zoo, Chillin' Serengeti recently reopened its doors under new management. The directors, who are also creators of rural destination parties Chillin' on the Farm and Chillin' in the Mawnin, wanted to bring that same quaint and exclusive experience to Kingston. The official launch, which took place yesterday, saw socialites and food lovers coming plate to palate with the exciting integration of herbs and spices, while sipping on spirits from intoxicating mixes in the enchanting bar.

Food was honoured to be specially invited to a private tasting of the new menu. According to Business Manager Kasheema Jeffery, the featured dishes are predominantly Jamaican fusion. "The directors always ask, 'When you go to France, what do you eat?' The response is French food. 'Italy?' Italian food. 'So why is that you can hardly find restaurants in Jamaica that offer a Jamaican menu outside of lunch time?' We've decided to bridge that gastronomic gap and satisfy in that capacity," Jeffery revealed. "Even though we have international items like burgers and pastas, it has a Jamaican flair to it," she added.

Chef Garfield Seivwright Jr and his team have delectably designed a line-up so authentic, so mouth-watering, so amazing, that you will have no choice but to return for more. Murray's curried goat and roti waffles and bacon and herb-crusted corn are among the favourites for appetisers, while local faves curried goat, oxtail and pork chops reign as salacious supremes. From creative food to a relaxing ambience, topped with a cut above the rest in customer service, be sure to take your taste buds on a tantalising tour of flavour at Chillin' Serengeti: you won't be sorry.

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