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Nirvanna delivers fine indian cuisine

Published:Thursday | May 9, 2019 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison /Gleaner Writer
From left: Chef Baldev head of indian cuisine, Chef Ram head of chinese cuisine, Kewal Tamang restaurant manager and Chef Manoj head of tandoori cuisine
Malai Kulfi, Indian coffee ice cream topped off with cashews.
Pork lovers, grab your wallets and head over to Nirvanna!
A 'Late Night' can become a risque night.
Zesty prawns anyone?
The ‘Ocean Princess’. Do you have your designated driver?
Here is the chilli milli kebab. This Indian dish incorporates Chinese schzwan sauce in the marination process.
‘Lahori Tawa Murgh’ is packed with spicies and when paired with cheesy Indian flat bread, the first bite will take your taste buds for a tasty ride.
Date night on a budget? The ‘Prime Time’ daiquiri can be shared for two!

Located just around the corner from Kingston’s corporate hub is Nirvanna, offering the finest of Indian fusion cuisine in a contemporary style and flair. The three-year-old restaurant has been stealing the hearts of locals and internationals who visit our little island.

Upon walking into the restaurant, you will quickly notice that the open dining room is divided into three different seating arrangements to suit your occasion and mood. The lounge is located to the far left and the walls are made of glass for persons who enjoy a more relaxed environment with a view of the sky. The decor is in keeping with the theme of the restaurant and has dark brown grand furnishing with wooden floor boards; perfect for a girls night out. The bar, right as you enter and close to the door. Suited for the single dine-and-dash person who also enjoys the randomness of bar conversation with mixologist O’Neil Madden. And of course, traditional restaurant seating which caters to couples and groups.

Eating Time

The food is exceptional. We are well aware that appetisers set the tone for any meal, and Nirvanna did not disappoint. ‘Prawns Pudina Tikka’ in simpler terms is mint and cilantro flavoured shrimp cooked in a charcoal oven. Summer is around the corner. Gourmet and healthy? More, please!

Kebabs are oftentimes the number-one preferred appetiser. ‘Chicken Chilli Milli Kebab’ is one of Nirvanna’s latest additions to the menu. This is an exotic tandoori kebab made with special marinade of yogurt, mustard oil, garlic, ginger and lemon chilly coriander. Ladies and gentlemen, your appetite will open so wide, you will find it hard to sit still in your seat while waiting for the main course.

‘Lahori Tawa Murgh’ is pretty much curried chicken, but instead made by the angels with angelic spices. The chicken is cooked in onion and tomato gravy with coriander ajwain yogurt and shredded bell peppers. It melts in your mouth while the sauce plays jump rope on your taste buds.

Pork lovers are not to be left out. Most popular on the menu is the ‘Pork Ribs’. It is done in spicy barbecue sauce with sprinkled sesame seeds.

Restaurant manager Kewal Tamang, who is from India, prides himself on being a part of such a dynamic team. “We understand that people are diverse and we want to be a dynamic restaurant which caters to every taste bud. Our menu is 60% Indian and 40% fusion from other Asian countries” he said.

Appleton, Campari, J. Wray and Nephew

Who doesn’t love a well mixed drink from an extroverted bartender? New to the bar menu is sorrel cocktail, and Food experienced three different mixes infused with the joy of Appleton Estate brand.

The first was dubbed ‘Late Night’, which is a mixture of ginger beer, vodka and sorrel cocktail fortified by Campari. When you’re looking for a simple, delicious blended treat, the ‘Prime Time Daiquiri’ could be your Nirvanna go-to drink. With hues of red and yellow from the sorrel and pina colada base, this cocktail is served in a Collins glass and topped off with J. Wray & Nephew white rum. Finally, the ‘Ocean Princess’. Sorrel, blue Curacao, simple syrup, J. Wray & Nephew white rum all blended to produce a frozen drink with an extra kick from freshly squeezed lime juice.

If you are in the mood for fine foreign gourmet dining without having to book a flight, you can achieve Nirvanna at 80 Lady Musgrave Road in Kingston.