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Bake It Sweet with Camille

Published:Thursday | May 16, 2019 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie/Gleaner Writer
Camille Morgan
Camille Morgan displays the rosette cake technique.
Morgan spreads buttermilk icing on a plain vanilla cake.

Each day, more persons are opting out of the traditional nine-to-five job to discover their true calling and harness the power hidden within their passion. For Camille Morgan, creative director of Bake it Sweet Jamaica, baking started off as a love-hate relationship which developed into a purpose-driven journey to become the number one cake decorator in the island. In the depths of Kitson Town, St Catherine, Food ventured into Morgan’s kitchen to witness the 24-four-year-old young entrepreneur at work.

As she expertly whipped pink buttermilk icing by hand in preparation for the adornment of a rosette birthday cake, she secretly admitted to us that this was her favourite part of the process. As she piped the icing on to the cake, she explained how her journey began with Bake it Sweet. “Originally, I studied marketing in school and one day while among close friends, we discussed how we needed to start getting our lives together,” said Morgan. After an indepth discussion about creating a business with her close friends, Morgan arrived at the conclusion that she could earn money from baking. “I always liked baking. I am not a cake person, but I love doing the work,” she explained.

After deciding to venture into baking, with the encouragement of her family she decided to enrol in a baking course with Denise Cargail, also known as the Jamaican cake doctor. “She teaches beginners and advanced cake decorating,” said Morgan. After six weeks of introduction to baking, Morgan developed a love for the art and wanted to learn more. “I decided I wanted to do the advanced course. It was hard, but I enjoyed doing,” she said.

“It is ironic that I am baking, because in high school I was so bad at it. There was one incident where I placed too much vinegar in a cake that I was baking for a friend and it was horrible,” she laughed. The art of pastry making is a delicate one which takes time, effort and precision. “Baking itself is stressful, it is really the decorating that I love and I get my ideas from all over the Internet,” said Morgan.

Though seen as the new kid on the block, in less than a year her company Bake it Sweet is flourishing. However, as a young entrepreneur there are several challenges and trials she had to experience to get to this stage of success. “Time and money management are big issues for owning and operating your own business. I have to be mindful of how much I spend and how many orders I take on in a given week, because currently I am the only person doing everything,” explained Morgan.

Morgan’s goal for Bake It Sweet is to become the number-one choice when it comes to cake decor. “I am constantly learning and growing as a baker, and my number-one goal is to be the best on the island,” she said.

For more information about Bake It Sweet, call 876-537-8218 or visit @bakeitsweetja on Instagram.