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Innovative and creative food with Pink Apron

Published:Thursday | May 23, 2019 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie/Gleaner Writer
Timothy and Charissa Skyers share a happy moment within their Pink Apron food truck.
The Pink Apron team did not miss a beat as they served their customers in record time.
Arancini, roasted red pepper scotchy aioli.
Grilled pork served with Spanish rice, chimchurri and pico de gallo.
BBQ jackfruit nachos.

Pink Apron brought the party to Truck Stop on Tuesday as they celebrated the birthday of their co-owner Charissa Henry-Skyers. Decadent delights were created in record time as the Pink Apron team delivered savoury treats which had their customers wanting more. Skyers celebrated her birthday doing exactly what she loved by serving delicious food with a smile.

The company came into existence in November 2014 when Skyers realised there was a need for another catering company within the space. “She started out – creating small lunch orders for offices and close friends,” explained her husband Timothy Skyers, who is proud of the growth of their first company. “We are a small catering company with the slogan, ‘ you bring the people, we bring the food’,” he continued. Pink Apron specialises in parties, weddings, dinners and lunches, just to name a few.

With a very young team of passionate creatives, the food served by Pink Apron is innovative and bursting with new combinations of exotic flavours. The night’s menu included barbecued jackfruit nachos, boneless goat nachos, korean cauliflower bites, Arancini served with roasted red pepper scotchy aioli, grilled chicken and grilled pork served with Spanish rice, chimchurri and pico de gallo.

“While Charissa was in University in North Miami, she noticed that the food truck culture was gaining a lot of traction,” said Skyers. She fell in love with the idea of a mobile restaurant, which was not limited by a location, and being able to change her menu freely.

The Pink Apron food truck’s menu is constantly under revision and is subject to change based on the interest of their customers. “We sell street food on the food truck. Anything that is fun to eat that you can grab and go,” said Skyers. Getting the food truck ready for the road was not an easy feat, but the Skyers are grateful for the opportunity to live out their dream. “We are still figuring things out. we had to learn a lot about the inner workings of operating a food truck, but we are grateful for the guidance we have been getting,” he said.

Pink Apron will continue to pop up around the island, so make sure to follow @pinkapronja on Instagram or check out their website For more information, email