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Get in the mix for National Rum Day

Published:Thursday | August 8, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Fromage Brasserie- The making of The perfect blend.
The Perfect Blend
Appleton Ocean Kiss
Ribbiz Downtown, Appleton Ocean Kiss

Whether you are new to the cocktail world, a rum enthusiast, or think of yourself as a budding mixologist, this year’s National Rum Day celebrations on August 16 is something you don’t want to miss out on. Courtesy of Appleton Estate Signature Blend, 10 popular hotspots across the island will be hosting a Happy Hour on THE DAY, with a twist. Instead of sipping a classic rum and Coke or a run-of-the-mill mojito, experience something different and exciting with a brand new Signature cocktail.

The JWN Academy rallied up bartenders and mixologists from some of our favorite bars to create something new to mark - what we deem - a momentous occasion. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a spirit so versatile that it can be enjoyed throughout every season?

From our sneak peek, we are certainly in for a treat with these novel creations. Grab your friends for a bar hop on National Rum Day and tell us your favourite cocktail. Always remember though, to ‘party proppa’ by ensuring you drink water between cocktails, enjoy some delectable bites from each location (eating on an empty stomach is a no no!) and to assign a designated driver.

Without further ado, here’s our first look at the Appleton Estate Signature Blend cocktails to be sipped, savoured and enjoyed on National Rum Day on August 16. Cheers to great cocktails!

Fromage Brasserie - Marketplace

Oh, how we love a delightful, summery cocktail. With Fromage Gourmet Market’s Perfect Blend, you’re in for a perfect balance of flavours, with the highlight being the lovely red hue and fresh taste accented by the pomegranate syrup.

Perfect Blend Recipe

1½oz AE Signature Blend

1oz Triple Sec

1½oz Pineapple juice

½oz Pomegranate syrup

Chillin’ at the Serengeti

With its lush scenery, Chillin’ at the Serengeti is the perfect place to chill and enjoy an Appletonia. Now, here’s to branching out from your rum and Coke. While apricots aren’t the first fruits you think of when going to a bar, it does make quite an impact in a number of impressive cocktail recipes. A hint of Blue Curacao gives the Appletonia an air of novelty.


Chillin’ Recipe

2oz AE Signature Blend

1oz Triple Sec

1oz Apricot liqueur

¼oz Blue Curacao


Macau Gaming Lounge and Bar

A delicate balance of sweet and sour, everything’s peachy with Macau’s Signature Peachy Desire. A twist of lime and sour apple liqueur balanced by simple syrup and the natural sweetness of Appleton Estate Signature Blend, is the answer to all your cocktail desires.

Signature Peachy

Desire Recipe

1 ½oz AE Signature Blend

1oz Sour Apple Liqueur

¼oz Blue Curacao

¼oz Simple syrup

½oz Lime juice


Ribbiz Ocean Lounge

We heard somewhere (everywhere!) that Appleton Estate Signature Blend is the rum of the summer. Ribbiz Ocean Lounge seems to have gotten the memo with their creation of their Signature Summer Cooler. It definitely meets the summer checklist with melon liqueur, pineapple juice, and our favorite base, Appleton Estate Signature Blend. Cool down with this refresher and tell us how you liked it.


Signature Summer

Cooler Recipe

2oz AE Signature Blend

1oz Melon Liqueur

½oz Simple Syrup

2oz Pineapple Juice



There have been whisperings of a cocktail that’s sure to be a hit, featuring an all-time Jamaican favourite flavour. A hint of good old ginger impeccably incorporated in Guango’s Signature Secret is something we just won’t be able to keep to ourselves. If you’re enjoying National Rum Day in Westmoreland, be sure to stop by, sample, and spread the word!


Guango’s Signature

Secret Recipe

1 slice Fresh ginger (muddled)

1 ¾ oz Signature Blend

1oz Colbeck Ginger Wine

½ oz Simple syrup

1tsp Lime juice

2oz Pineapple juice


That’s it until next week, when we’ll share five more recipes we can’t wait to try on National Rum Day. Our palates thank you, Appleton Estate!